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  1. Looking to sell a couple of items in order to fund an Epic I just bought. I had a 100% on the previous forum and also my ebay is at 100% (sgsst18). Not looking for any trades and only shipping USPS in the lower 48. If someone wants both we can work out a deal. Accept paypal only and can't ship until Wednesday. Please PM me if interested. Thanks 1. Titleist 915f 16.5 degree fairway wood. This comes with the Diamana blue 70 stiff factory shaft. No headcover and no tool but will toss in an M1 cover for shipping. Has a newly installed Golf Pride multi-compound standard size grip. Plays at 43 standard. $75 shipped and paypal 2. Tour AD DI 7s with a Titleist fairway adapter. I do not know tipping on this but please look at the pics. This plays just a hair under 43. The shaft was pulled and an aftermarket adapter was installed at a local shop. Gripped with a MCC plus4 standard size. $SOLD
  2. Trying to clean out the basement and purchase some more items. Prices include shipping (CONUS) and paypal. All prices are OBO but please understand I still have to ship these. Only trade interest would be a Cobra Baffler F6 in stiff or a Titleist 7 wood head (913 or 915). These are some oldies but goodies feel free to make an offer. Thanks 1. Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI with a TM tip. Stiff 70, 3.1. Playinig at taylormade standard with a factory grip. Grip is essentially brand new and shaft is in great condition. This came on an M2 I bought from certified pre*owned and used a different shaft. SOLD 2. Titleist 913 h 19 degree hybrid with a Steelfiber i110 stiff flex. Top line is pretty clean with some general face scratching from typical hybrid use. Brand new golf pride New Decade. I'm not the original owner on this so I'm not sure on tipping. One of my favorite hybrids of all time, really has a nice strong trajectory. Just always go back to an Adams so its time to unload this. No headcover or tool, but will throw in an adams cover for shipping. sold 3. Adams Tight Lies 2 16 degree with Aldila Tour Blue ATX 75 3.6 Stiff shaft. Clean Top line. Headcover included. Fairly new Golf Pride corded grip which has the spine. Easy Launching shallow faced fairway wood. It just didn't work for me, love the Adams hybrid so much I figured I would give it a go. sold Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. I plan on shipping this out on Friday since I have a day off. I can provide more pictures if needed and check my ebay feedback, its 100% (sgsst18)
  3. It's over the top on the downswing. Very general tip/feeling...try getting your back to the target on the backswing and keeping it facing the target as long as possible to try and get the arms and shaft on plane.
  4. Shaft with adapter and grip
  5. SkyTrak will be the most affordable option and believe there are even payment plans available. The unit is under 2k and can simply be used with a net and computer/tablet. You could add a projector and impact screen but cost will go up. The website has some useful info. Good luck to you. SkyTrak Features: Photometric Launch Monitor Completely Wireless Design Skytrak is iOS, Android and PC compliant Professional-Grade Accuracy Robust Set of Measured Parameters Ball Speed Launch Angle Back Spin Side Spin Side Angle Spin Axis Total Spin
  6. I agree with the above comments. I might recommend a little bit of a posture adjustment at setup. Being a little taller where your armpits would be more over your knees at address; leading to a more athletic setup. You look a little slouched over. Posture can really help with consistency.
  7. I second that, growing up I always had the perception that you had to hit a draw to be considered a player, most likely because it added distance.
  8. Been there and done that. Probably wouldn't do it again though. Golf can be frustrating and cause knee jerk reactions.
  9. Hopefully a warehouse issue and they can get you the set you ordered. Also in the North so I can appreciate your sadness.
  10. I have used this service several times with no issues.
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