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  1. Doesn't seem to be an issue right now but I'm sure it can change. A few courses are not scheduled yet How can I find out when you will aerify the greens on your courses? Our aerification schedule varies throughout the year and is subject to change. Please ask your sales agent when you book for the latest schedule. Current schedules for 2021 are as follows: Course 1: May 15-30 Course 2: July 25-30 Course 6: June 6-19 Course 7: August 1-14 Course 9: May 29-June 11 The Cradle: July 11-16
  2. We were originally going to Pinehurst in October but for several reasons we are now planning an August trip. I know it will be hot but wondering about course conditions. Recently one our group heard course conditions in August were less than ideal. Actual dates 8/12 - 8/15. Any comments on Pinehurst in August Thanks
  3. Good insight. One thing I will mention is that 36 holes in a day are not an option. We have 7-8 days of golf and all will be 60 years old by the time of the trip.
  4. Aardglass is on our radar but we would probably have to drop a course in the current itinerary.
  5. We are beginning planning for Northern Ireland 2022 (Probably September). We will have 8-12 golfers and we are planning just 1 round per day. Planning a few nights in Ballyliffin and then staying in Portrush and finishing up a night closer to Dublin. Thoughts on our itinerary including other must play courses or substitutions. Any insight on the towns of Ballyliffin and Portrush. Day 1: Arrive Dublin drive to Ballyliffin Play Pollan 9 holes Day 2: Ballyliffin Old Day 3: Ballyliffin Galshedy Day 4: Drive to Portrush play Portstewart Day 5: Portrush Da
  6. I'm thinking about a Sand Valley trip this summer. What is the lead time for booking 2-3 rounds and a night of lodging? 4 to 8 golfers
  7. Where are you staying? Downtown? Mistwood, Prairie Landing and Thunderhawk are good options but a bit of a ride. I will say due to Covid it is easier to get around right now.
  8. What is it like in Myrtle for bars, restaurants & 19th holes.
  9. We are planning Mid-October. Hoping everything is close to being back to normal. Not just golf but restaurants and pubs are a big part of any trip.
  10. More difficult than Ballybunion Cashun. That was a tough walk.
  11. We did Southwest Ireland. Ballybunion x 2, Dooks and Waterville, Old Head, Tralee, Lahinch and the Island. Great trip and we are planning Northern Ireland for 2021. I will say the SW Ireland trip was alot more driving and switching hotels vs the Northern Ireland trip. We are looking for a course on the way to RCD from Dublin. Suggestions.
  12. I just got a 96 pack of 5A 2018 Prov1s. Condition is very good. If I found these on a course I would never hesitate to play these in a round with $ on the line. There are a number of Logos and personal markings that couldn't be washed out. I got delivery within 3 days. Maybe it is the time of year for delivery.
  13. What about after golf at and around Barefoot? Pubs & restaurants.
  14. We played Tokatee Day 1. Fun track in a nice setting surrounded by foothills and mountains in the distance. Breweries in Eugene at night then Emerald Valley the next day. Emerald Valley is a course you could find anywhere but it is a nice course and logistically South of Eugene and right off the expressway. Thumbs up for both courses from my fellow players.
  15. Looks like Foley's. Any issues getting into town? Shuttle? Uber readily available?
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