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  1. Just saw that now they are available in Canada, but not in my province. If someone in Canada wants to help, let me know.
  2. To be fair, if i could get them in canada, i would buy them!
  3. Op here. I share the opinion of both guys who respond. i ended up with the callaway epic speed. By my calculation, the head weight should have been 9 gram heavier ( 4.5 swingweight = 0.75 inch shorter) which equal to roughly around 9 grams ( 2 gram = 1 sw). the callaway came with the original 5 gram. Shoukd have been a 14 gram weight. reached out to callaway to express my need and they send me a 12 and a 14 gram no charges. Will see.
  4. I wanted to treat myself. I got fitted for a brand new driver even thought i am somewhat cheap and usually never buy anything new. i got fitted for a driver with a specific shaft. The driver was 45.75” standard. i asked the fitter to have it to play at 45” (my prefered length) with the same shaft and same swingweight. The driver came 8 weeks later with the right shaft and the original 5 gram weight. Right there, i found it weird and thought the weight should have been heavier to play at the stock swingweight of D4. anyway, i gave it a try. Cant barely feel the head. Asked my fitter about it and said everything is fine and if i want a different feeling, i have to pay to have additonal weights. Now, is it me thats been a ridiculous customer by wanting what i was fitted for? Is it standard to have such bad quality control? It had been cut 0.75”, it is 100% sure it is not the same swingweight as the stock 45.75. what i found odd is that fitter is from a high class private course. One of the best in my state.
  5. Adila rogue white 130 mdi 60 s. like the profile so far but it is new. Always wanted some exotic shafts but finding a competent clubmaker is difficult around here
  6. Anyone know where to get an epic speed weight in canada? love my epic but callaway didnt adjust the swingweight after i request it to be 3/4 inch shorter to play at 45. it came with the original 5 gram and would like a 12gram or go to the hot melt road (but difficult to find over here).
  7. Personaly, when i carry, i play with 12 clubs. And the only fairway wood i have is a 7 wood. And honestly, my score has not change at all. Most of the time, i use my 4 wood on the tee when the course is tight. I am not a long player, so i cant never reach a par 5 in two. When i take that option out, and just played smarter with my 7 wood, i dont see the point of carrying my 4.
  8. Does anyone know where i can purchase some head weights to go in my callaway epic speed? it came with the original 5 gram but would like something heavier. thanks
  9. Ordered a callaway epic speed. Was quoted 12 weeks. Summer will be over!
  10. Callaway just told me there is an additional 5 weeks because the shaft who was recommended in the fitting (adila rogue white 130 msi) is backordered. It is already been 7 weeks from the order date. They propose these 3 alternative : 1:PX EVENFLOW BLACK 65 2: PX HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK 3: PX HZRDUS SMOKE RDX BLACK Can anyone compare those shaft cause they dont have them for me to try? I also ask for either the velocore blue or the graphite design ad hd for an alternative for no upcharge but we all know this is me been cocky. Any input is welcome
  11. C_rad

    Raw wedge

    Where can i find this?
  12. C_rad

    Raw wedge

    What are our options? Looking to replace my nike engage. Is there something other than the black sm8 (which the lofts/grind are out of stock) and the sub70 wedge? Is it me raw wedge finish is less popular than before? If anyone have a sugestion for raw wedges in canada, share it. thank you
  13. Had a hoofer 2019 with the apparel pocket separate in two small pocket and found it to be very annoying. I have since move to a setup with a clicgear and a cartbag but i miss carrying my bag. Always thought it was the real way to play and enjoy this game. I am considering the hooferlite. They are great looking this year. The struggle with the club tangling is the same i presume?
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