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  1. So i have a favorite putter. My custom blade putter will never leave my house. But apparently, after compelling my stats from the past 3 season, my best putting season was when i used my odyssey mallet (model that i dont remember, it has a slant neck). i think i will put a mallet back in my bag for next season. I mostly interested in the spider tour x. Seems so many players use it. Can anyone comment on their transition from their blade putter to a mallet type? and if anyone tried the my spider tour x, and did you like the service? thanks
  2. Is there a way to stop it from expanding?
  3. i think i will order a new shaft just to be sure
  4. Fairway shaft looks to have a crack. Should i be concerned about this? Is there a way to stop this crack to grow...
  5. I would do anything to have that putter!!
  6. I actually just ordered one. Glad to read your positive comments!
  7. Actually, the base of the sun mountain sync is no longer design to fit exclusively on the push cart. The base of the sync is flat like any cart bag.
  8. Can anyone recommend an umbrella that will fit nicely in the umbrella holder on my clicgear 3.5? My old nike is anoying too short. Cant standup under it? What height should i get?
  9. I currently game the 915D2 and looking for a replacement...
  10. Just tried on cobra canada. Nothing is working.
  11. Wow. Totally jealous. If it dont work out, let me know
  12. C_rad

    Savage too

    Can anyone who owned or own one can post picture and share his/her feedback. This putter looks great and could be a great present to myself. Or any swag putter feedback is welcome for that matter
  13. Just a heads up buut your ad says GT tour but on it is a 1.0 on the picture
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