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  1. Can you post a picture at adress with a ball please? Would really appreciate.
  2. Great point. For me, my game off the tee is by far my weakest attribute. I know what i am doing with my irons, my wedge, even the putter to be honest is not that bad. Some good players my game on the green was ok, nit great but ok. But from the tee, i am not a confident player. I think i will go with the driver.
  3. If you have to choose between the two... which will have a greater impact in your overall game. I have a 915d2 but have never been fit for a driver in my life. I hit it ok and i know a new driver wont make my swing better but maybe one that is fitted could help me... For my putter, i have a lajosi dd201 whit my daughter name on it. It is special for me but if im being totally honest, i never had a lot of confidence with it. So i have my eyes on the new scotty 5.5 (thomas model) and i know it fit my stroke better: had an odyssey mini jailbird with a slant neck which i rea
  4. Will place my order as soon as i can. Not a fan of the headcover because it screams : “ look at this scotty cameron puttet resting in the bag of the owner who is inside to pay his tee time fee...”. will probably try to find a blank one!
  5. X 5.5. Blind purchase for me. Easy. Been wanting on this since i saw for the first time JT putter on tv
  6. Would like to buy one. It is a shame it is a limited edition. Never been fan of chasing limited items. If anyone wants to sell one!
  7. Hi everyone. been a long time since i posted here. Few years back, to celebrate the birth of my daughter, i got a custom lajosi with her name on it. Really love that putter. But life goes on, and we are waiting for the birth of my second ( wasnt plan but for very happy). And i cant game a putter with only half of my kids name on it! So i am on the hunt for my next project. The head shape would probably be like a squareback... I wouldnt mind trying a different clubmaker. I have a guy here who do putter fitting, he carry ping, scotty, envroll and
  8. Its a been a long time since interested me. How is the feel compare to something like the spider? Forgiveness? Stability?
  9. So i have a favorite putter. My custom blade putter will never leave my house. But apparently, after compelling my stats from the past 3 season, my best putting season was when i used my odyssey mallet (model that i dont remember, it has a slant neck). i think i will put a mallet back in my bag for next season. I mostly interested in the spider tour x. Seems so many players use it. Can anyone comment on their transition from their blade putter to a mallet type? and if anyone tried the my spider tour x, and did you like the service? thanks
  10. Is there a way to stop it from expanding?
  11. i think i will order a new shaft just to be sure
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