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  1. Can you even purchase it anymore? It's not listed on website w/ the other rangefinders despite being the flagship product. The only way I can find it at this time is to click a link to precision pro's website that takes you directly to the R1 page... and I'm guessing thats because the google link is not updated. Or maybe PP is updating the website and nothing is wrong? Wonder if they pulled the product because of the battery issue or other inaccuracies w/ the new smart tech features.
  2. Good point. Shoulders square ensures a delivery method, while open or close can zero out path.
  3. Think you missed what I was getting at my mans. All credit to Bill Sharman though
  4. This is a good one. I've used this method in the past, so much so that I trusted it in events for a while. I still use it in practice.
  5. Was thinking about this the other day- Rick Barry innovated the underhand free throw, arguing it was anatomically easier to repeat than overhand. He backed it up- still in the all time top 10 free throw make percentage. Has any research been done on what is the most anatomically repeatable way to making a putting stroke? As in, stance, body position, ball position.. anything goofy that isnt generally accepted but totally legal? (side saddle being an easy example) Rick Barry got me thinking first about Crenshaw and Locke. Both used non-square stances. Crenshaw open, Bobby Locke very closed and ball off front foot. Do it at home yourself and you'll probably notice that open and closed will limit your path quite a bit. Almost like they were eliminating half of their misses... just like the sage old advice to eliminate half the course with your shot shape, tee-to-green. I don't know why, but I only thought about this from a putting perspective. Maybe because the full swing has been discussed so much more. Or that free throws and putting are both smaller games within the game?
  6. I use Tour B X in competition for its consistency, TP5 occasionally because its slightly longer than Tour B X but I get unwanted extra pop in a few approaches. CG Tour is somewhere between these two for me. Maaaybe as long as TP5 (maybe) with better consistency. I still trust the Tour B X more. Take this w/ a grain of salt.. I've only played 36 with the CG Tour and I pulled a few approaches in those rounds that can lead to the dreaded NuKeY bOi (shoutout Icaritooo), however the pulls were tame and distances good. On stock drives, ball flight is noticeably high to me. Spin is low enough to avoid ballooning. Feels like this ball really gets out there.
  7. In case anyone in IL is curious, I called around and the only stores planned to stock these will be 2 new Costco's that haven't even opened yet. Plainfield (opens in November) and Chapaign (opens Oct. 22) will both stock them supposedly.
  8. Wish the app worked the same as it used to but that may be more of a me problem. Like a good 3 wood , once I get used to it, there is no changing it. ...point in case, I still game an r9 3wood head haha!
  9. One item today. Bought these new without box on the bay for X-mas. Tried breaking them in around the house during off season, walked 9 holes in them before calling it. Just not for me. G/FORE Black Kiltie's size 9M - $95 $80 shipped, OBRO
  10. Howard to the rescue. When I saw 1 response to my post I thought, man if it's possibly Howard I he's gonna put this one to bed fast haha. Funny you post the DIY fitting link, I've read over it at least 2 times in the past. Most recently a few months ago, guess one more time couldn't hurt. Here's a pic of the VCoG I found on my SLDR (slight fade setting) last time I read it that I shared it with Valtiel while he was schooling me on some MOI and CG stuff. I arrived at an 16 M2 head being the easiest thing to plug into my existing TM tip that might give me a bit more forgiveness on my main miss out on the toe. This spurred the nature of my question and is what got me wondering why people swear by certain heads like the 16 M2 when other heads have lower CG and higher MOI values... outside of TM's general driver popularity to begin with. Also been reading into your MOI matching stuff for irons. Some of it is still a bit over my head, but I like to learn and might give it a crack with a set while were sitting at home.
  11. Quick question, feel free to hit me with a link to the answer if you have it, but I couldn't find it... Is there a point as a club gets closer to the MOI limit of 5900 where the forgiveness gains taper off? What is it roughly? Also, I realize that there is horizontal AND vertical MOI to consider, so am I missing something else here?
  12. I want to clarify as I think my post came off as harsh and misguided. Insulting is the wrong word. Dissatisfied is what I should have put. You guys are right, in my situation they owe me nothing. Theft is a gray area and unfortunate. But a more customer first brand may have been more inclined to help. Bushnell has long had a mono/ duopoly type control over the rangefinder industry. As top dog, they don't need great CS as a selling point and they largely establish benchmark pricing. In the last couple years, newer rangefinder companies are showing us that truly competitive products can be made at a fraction of the price. Price bloating and weak CS are not customer first policies. I'm happy for you that your rangefinder lasted you that long. Consider that mine didn't or I upgraded more frequently and thus am more heavily invested as a customer of the company. I paid full price each time and would have continued to as a loyal customer. I never asked for a discount or warranty before this. I get in a crap spot and ask for help for the first time. 10% on what looks an awful lot like a price bloated model doesn't feel customer first to me anymore given what else is out there. With all this in mind, you might feel differently if you were in my shoes. If my dissatisfaction is 'entitlement' then so be it.
  13. Bushnell didn't treat me well either. I was a loyal customer of 8+ years on my 4th rangefinder and had never cashed in on a warranty. My car was broken into and my Bushnell stolen. I filed a police report but nothing was found. I called Bushnell w/ police report in hand, never expecting a free replacement, but also not expecting 10% off to be their best offer. That's insulting. I know they must get tons of calls regarding theft and people trying to scam them for new product on the cheap, but to treat an established customer w/ no history of warranty abuse like that? They lost me as customer that day.
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