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  1. Sounds like a shaft prep issue. I used to use a grinding wheel, letting the shaft spin for a few seconds, not applying much pressure. On a new shaft, all the shine would be gone up to and including where the ferrule slipped on. Shaft was rough but that ensures a great bond. All my steel shafts were done this way, finished with Golfworks 2 part epoxy, 24 hour cure. Of course the hosels got a quick wire brush cleaning, nothing else, no cleaning solutions ever.
  2. When graphite shafts became popular, maybe 1980's, the method used was wrapping the head in a sandwich bag, dipping in pot of boiling water. Definitely worked, however I would explain to customers that I wouldn't guarentee the condition of the pulled shaft. Back then shafts were much cheaper and the customer didn't care, he just wanted a new shaft put in. Also, many times I was dealing with pulling out a broken shaft. Today, just a personal hobby, I use a shaft puller.
  3. Winn drytac oversize is perfect for my 68 year old arthritic hands and wrists. Pay around $80-$90 for a set, usually once a year. Worth every penny. Grips have definitely increased in price. A popular grip from the 80's, the Golf Pride "Eagle" was a 10" perfect replacement for the old Ping grips. I think Golfworks sold them around a buck a grip.
  4. If what you just stated is accurate, I would think lines of golfers are forming, returning broken clubs. Tons of us have both toe and heel hits. Manufacturers are building these clubs for the average player, even advertising that toe and heel hits will not affect distance or accuracy. They are designed knowing where the average player hits it and it's not middle of the clubface.
  5. Sorry, can't help you on why these shafts have snapped, however "The Club Pro" guy is hilarious. Never heard of him, just watched about ten of his videos, best golf instruction and advice on youtube. As far as shafts, do you ever lean over to pick up your tee, or even when putting peg in the ground and lean on club for support?
  6. I started installing grips in the 80's, mostly with supplies from Golfworks. I enjoy doing it with a vice, a rubber shaft protector, and grip fluid. I did give the air compressor a try, just couldn't find any advantage, so I'm back to my old way. Good luck, you'll find it's a nice hobby.
  7. Terrific job on those heads! What shaft and grip did you decide on?
  8. Thanks for all the responses. I settled on the REKs and used them on the course today. These glasses are very light with perfect clarity. No problem reading greens. They seem very well made and come with a nice case. I definitely recommend REKs.
  9. I just got a pair of REKs, I think they are Slingblades, gray, non-polarized. Cost was $53.00. Quite a savings from my sale price of $140.00 for Oakley's 4 or 5 years ago. Initial reaction is how light they are and fit is perfect. Lenses look identical to my Oakley's, just a different shade. I'll use them today for first time and post how they compare.
  10. When steel was the prevelent shaft, I would always prep with a small metal file. I would finish prep by using file edge making a few, very shallow grooves. Simple, quick, and it held. Much more difficult with today's graphite.
  11. What temp did glue cure at? Outdated? Personally, I've only used Golfworks 24 hour epoxy. I have used Brampton's grip solution but never tried the epoxy. Could a small amount of oil been in the hosel, enough to compromise the epoxy?
  12. Any brands that match Oakley's quality?
  13. Thanks for that recommendation, I'll check them out.
  14. I bought a pair of Oakley's about 5 years ago, really like them, but some scratches means replacing them. Any glasses out there for a fraction of Oakley's pricing that has Oakley's quality. I did buy a few Maxx's for my cars, don't like them for golf. The Oakley's bring so much clarity, light and color. Thanks
  15. I've had both ankles and knees totally replaced. 100 mg of Voltaren, tumeric, sometimes cherry juice has kept me going. I spend more time working on my short game and play shorter tees. Ping g400max, lots of loft and senior shaft makes the game a little easier.
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