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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. pretty much the surgeons I talked to said I'm too young for the surgery and have to wait till I'm 21 so a couple more years. because there is a chance the bones could still fuse. Although there hasn't been much improvement in my shoulder so far.
  2. Around mid-March I started feeling a dull pain in my left shoulder (I'm a righty) while hitting balls. Long story short, I got diagnosed with Os Acromiale which is the failure of bone fusion in the shoulder, and the repetitive motion and impact from the golf swing causes severe pain obviously. So I haven't touched a club since mid-March (and can't play any of the tournaments I planned to) and I've also been going to physio twice a week and doing strengthening exercises for it. Despite this, not much has changed and I still can't golf. Went to see the sports doc today and he said surgery is a p
  3. Terra Lago is pretty nice and cheap as well
  4. What will the price drop be on the 714 line when the 716's come out? I think last year it was only $ 100? I could be wrong.
  5. If I take a year off after High school and do really well in big tournaments, are my chances of being recruited still pretty high even though I took a year off ?
  6. John Mallinger is sponsored by Fourteen.
  7. I know most guys on tour in the 70's and earlier gripped the club with a pretty weak grip, but it seems that over the years the grip styles on tour have gotten gradually stronger. Who is still using a weak grip today? Only two I can think of is Rickie Fowler and Woody Austin.
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