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  1. Gen 2 0311 was down to $125 a stick last week and today is back up to $129 a stick . . . either way better than $149 . . . which was better than $400.
  2. Still have a SS-02 3-wood, SS-02 4-wood, MD 17, MD 19, and MD 23 between my dad and I at home . . . all the hybrids with the original iRod shafts and the woods with the old school Fuji Speeder. My dad was playing the 19 up until a few months ago, and I ironically was looking at old school iRod x-flex shafts on the bay earlier today in addition to some MD hybrids. Great clubs and would definitely put them on the list of timeless clubs, the only caveat being that in my opinion they're probably not gonna be as hot as the new stuff, and they might not be as forgiving. If I were ever t
  3. Concur. Disclaimer: I'm totally biased, as I'm in 52-58 currently and before that I was in 53-58. Ditched my 60 about 6 years ago after trying various Vokeys, everything from the SM2 K grind to the WW V grind and whatnot. I concur with @Skhackerthat there's no shot you can't hit with a 58 that you could hit with a 60 -- heck Rocco only carries a 56 -- if you are able to set your hands/the clubface in the right spot to add loft and bounce. Now are there times where I dump myself in an impossible short sided spot where the green and or wind is working against me and I wish I had a 64 that I coul
  4. Driver -- R7 SuperQuad for moveable weights, SLDR for bonkers low spin and the subsequent craze it caused. Woods in general -- Adams with the "speed slot", particularly the use of it in the original RBZ. Played a round with a friend who had gotten it right after it had come out and remember thinking "wow, he almost doesn't need a driver anymore". Seemed like this design or something comprable to it was common across multiple OEMs. Wedges -- Vokey offering multiple grinds/bounce options off the rack, now everyone seems to do it. Putter -- Anser no doubt as every putter maker has
  5. Following up from my post about purchasing a V-Steel T/S (the 13 degree one) with a YS-6S, and I honestly haven't had a 3 wood I've hit this well since I've retired my 913F (old trusty that I still have at my Dad's house) from high school. I won't say it goes as far as the M5 rocket, but I actually have no fear pulling the 3 wood out of the bag for the first time in years, after struggling to hit the M2, M4 Tour, M3 HL, and M5 Rocket consistently -- despite all of those aforementioned options being extremely long and good clubs in the right hands in their own right.
  6. Forgive me as I haven't read all 59 pages of this thread in entirety, but I've seen you've been in both 0311T (both Gen 2 and Gen 3?) and 0211. I'm curious if you've ever tried the 0311P; and if so how it related to 0211? I'm currently contemplating 0211 v Gen 2 0311P.
  7. Hope you like them . . . reminds me as it looks more and more like my current clubs will be sticking around I need to pick some up and throw them on the rest of my clubs.
  8. Yeah I picked up one for my Driver because I was installing a new shaft into my driver that was uncut. I think it's great. It is reduced taper, but I don't mind that seeing as I hate a hook. Can't beat the price and I'd concur that they're easier on the hands. They're more like the UTx Cord than the traditional Crossline Full Cord.
  9. Selling a Jones Sports Co. Fanny Pack. This is "modular" and can be strapped around your Jones bag. It was used for 3 rounds making it very lightly used and like new (complete transparency - one of those rounds was raining - however the item is completely dry and did not change the condition). $35 shipped.
  10. Well, after a few weeks with the Tour X I figured the ball wasn't for me. I think when I put it down on the green the markings just bother me or something, in addition to it not spinning enough on full shots and around the greens. Due to being out of Vice balls, I put TP5Xs in play and found better success with them (I think they spin more). Perhaps the Tour (which should spin more right?) would be better suited for me. Seeing as Vice Pros (which I've played since high school, with an occasional dabble in Bridgestone B330S & later BXS) are sold out . . . I'd be wil
  11. When a wall in your bedroom has a set of irons, a driving iron, two wedges, and a hybird with no grip leaning against the wall . . .
  12. Both Milled Grind generations are allegedly D5 swingweight. Ironically, I have always thought that my MG2 lobber felt light compared to my old 200 Sires Vokey lobber.
  13. In a nearly comical turn of events, played with the Apex Pros with the Apex 4s in them for the first time today in my league - loved them, except that I bent the 5 iron when playing a shot near a tree and hitting what was apparently a sturdy branch on my follow through. The shafts feel lighter than the S300 AMTs I've played for 4ish years now and feel like they have a softer tip section - which I like. This head/shaft combo is butter.
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