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  1. Original GD YS-6 in my Tour Spoon, the stock MAS REACT for V-Steel thing in the 5 wood. I had a hard time controlling any 3 wood I played after the 913F (since then I've had an M2, M4 Tour, M3, M5 Rocket) and figured that it came down to the new stuff not spinning as much. Despite the V-Steel having less loft than my M5, the head I think spins more (in addition to the shaft being softer probably - the YS-6 in it has been tipped in such a way that it almost plays softer than the MAS2 - or so it feels), and that actually keeps the ball in play (most of the time) for me.
  2. I love them, and my dad swears by them. Between us we own a Sonartec 3 Wood, 4 Wood, 17 degree Hybrid, 19 degree Hybrid (Still in the bag to this day), and the 23 degree Hybrid. Almost bought a 21 degree one in the barrel the other day out of principle.
  3. Retweet here for the V-Steel. . . truly an ageless warrior.
  4. After liking my V-Steel 5-Wood, I went ahead and sold my M5 Rocket and picked up a V-Steel T/S. It will be interesting to see how this one works out . . . How long until I buy the 7-Wood???? Did they make a 9-Wood????
  5. Minty V-Steel 5 wood is my new Torrey Pines club
  6. Scotty Cameron Inspired By Sergio Garcia
  7. 11.5 Gallivanter came today, too big. Contacted CS to try to do an exchange for 11s.
  8. Concur. Looking at my driver shaft the thing has so many marks and scratches and whatnot you'd think the thing was gonna snap the next time it gets pulled out. If it's a scratch playability shouldn't (to my knowledge) be affected.
  9. Went a half size larger; did the same for my TW71s a couple years ago.
  10. Torrey North I don't think is a bad course to learn on; even the South honestly wouldn't be bad. There's really no forced carries or any hazards, basically hit it, find it, and go hit it again - especially in the summer when the rough is down. Agree if you play the correct tees it's enjoyable for all skill levels. As for Balboa, check out the 9 hole course they have. It has a couple of short par 4s and is actually fairly designed, unlike the 18 hole course at Balboa (I have some demons at that place). I personally learned to play at Sail Ho (now the Loma Club or whatever), worth checking out.
  11. Monarch Dunes is a course I would play again. Sandpiper is still on my bucket list.
  12. Gotcha. I don't know if people still use other addresses to get city cards and what not. It's just comical that the city line is less than a mile from the 7th tee box on the North Course. I always found the North to be more crowded during High School, and I always figured that it was due to the lower cost or potentially the fact that at the time it had just reopened. Now that I think about it since graduating high school I've played the North more than South. We always played South for fun back then because the school was paying for our junior monthly tickets - now that was a deal.
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