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  1. Figured I'd check my GHIN for how many rounds I've played since golf courses reopened in my area. First time I've logged more than 100 rounds in a 12 month time span. Milestone achieved. How many rounds have you played in the last 12 months? Best wishes to all and hope everyone is well.
  2. Man its posts like these that make me want to go back to the short putter. In other words -- nice!
  3. I think they've been out of stock on Golf Pride's website for awhile now too. Great grips.
  4. The old school SM Oil Cans are sweet. . . just like the rest of the bag.
  5. 54 exclusively until I'm greenside. Full normally carries a bit under 110 (call it 105-108). Tried to hit a full 58 today from 93 yards and knocked the teeth out of it 20 yards deep. I'll be sticking to the 54. Greenside its mostly 58, with a fair amount of 54 and an occasional 50.
  6. Updates - SPB X Soft Stepped once is sweet - RTX ZipCore 54 Full with Modus3 Wedge 125X ordered - Purple Ice 85X ordered, I believe that its tipped for a 5W so it will be going in the 5W - Will order RTX ZipCore 50 Mid with Modus3 Wedge 125X when they have the 125s back in stock - Looking for a softer Driver shaft -- thinking of potentially going into IZ 6X or a BB 6X - Looking for Purple Ice 70X or 75X for the 3W
  7. 3.7 V-Steel TS (13) -- with a super soft YS-6S and a midsize grip nonetheless. Looking for a Purple Ice 70X or 75X to put in.
  8. Sorry to hear, wishing for the best and for a speedy recovery. GLWS.
  9. PXG gap wedge because I bought it with the set. Will probably replace with either the new PXG wedge or RTX ZC down the line. The only tough part is neither of them make a 50 with a full sole and 10 degrees of bounce anymore -- although in reality I probably wouldn't tell the difference. Cleveland sand wedge because I was looking to try out RTX ZC and I needed a 54 to replace my 52 (I used to go 46-52-58)-- the timing just worked out, that being said I love it. Vokey lob wedge because I love the low bounce K grind and I haven't seen anything quite else like it. Could p
  10. Nice post! Here's what I came up with: Driver -- Adams Fast 12 LS (never actually played this ironically) Woods -- Taylormade Burner TP or Taylormade V-Steel or Sonartecs Hybrids -- Adams Idea Pro Tour Prototype, Callaway Razr Tour, Sonartec MD, Hogan Apex Irons -- Hogan Apex, 735CM SW -- Cleveland 588, Vokey 200 series LW -- Eye 2 BeCu, Cleveland 588, Vokey 200 series Putter -- BeCu MyDay, Anser 2, Pro Platinum NP2, TeI3 NP2 This was genuinely hard to do because of all of the good options
  11. The reason it wouldn't work with the Broomstick grip is because it's probably about 4 inches too short,about ten degrees too flat (lie), about three degrees too weak (loft), and about 50 grams too light in the head to be used in that style. The Sigma as I understand it is designed to be used in the Keegan Armlock style. If you wanted to find a Broomstick style putter to try, your best bet is on eBay, but it sounds like the Keegan grip is working well for you.
  12. I like the 54 Full ZC -- the spinner shaft is pretty good as a stock option in my opinion. Personally, I couldn't tell a bunch of difference from the normal S200 with respect to weight, and it just felt pretty good in general. That being said, now that I've had the chance to try Nippon shafts in my irons I think I'm gonna try the ZC with Modus3 125. May even get a matching 50 degree to go along. . .
  13. I have done this multiple times within the last year . . . except with my entire bag. Bag went in the garage (properly locked and secured) after a bad opening round in a tournament . . . next day went out and shot the best round of the tournament to finish 3rd. Funny how that works .
  14. Darn . . . I was hoping we'd be getting some mass produced long putters again.
  15. How long I've had them: Driver - 4 months 3-Wood - 7 months 5-Wood - 9 months Hybrid - 3 months Irons - 3 months Wedges - 2 months x 3 == 6 months Putter - 9 months 41 months total How long they've existed: Driver - 1 year 3-Wood - 19 years 5-Wood - 19 years Hybrid - 10 years Irons - 5 years Wedges - 5 years, 5 years, 1 year Putter - 10 years 75 years total
  16. Thanks for getting back to me. I've got SPB Xs going in hopefully next week. I'm hoping they live up to their cult classic reputation. . .
  17. Interesting thread. I'd probably say 3W, based on the fact people never use it, or the fact they hit it terrible half a dozen times on the course and from them on it's only purpose going forward is to look pretty in the bag. I totally get @MtlJeff's point about hybrids though . . . same could probably be said for long irons? I got rid of my 4 iron* and I've played a handful of times since then and not once have I had a shot where I felt like "man really need the 4i" here. I'm guessing that's the case for plenty of people playing hybrids. *thinking my new 5 iron would go farther, r
  18. This was fun: Driver - SIM2 Fairway - ZX Hybrid - TEE C721, Wilson D9 Irons - Apex Pro, 0311T Gen 3, T100 Wedges - 0311T Putter - SC Special Select/ Bettinardi/ Edel/ Tulon I was totally answering the questions to try to get a bag like this too lol
  19. Wow . . . I'm not a fan . . . and this video only solidified that position.
  20. Nice bag -- what flex SPBs do you play and are they stepped at all? Thanks!
  21. Srixon going old school making wedges that match the set . . . I wonder if they'll have a matching LW too?
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