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  1. That works! I had to choose in between free shipping or free adjustment on the club. So, I picked the free adjustment. Thank you anyways!
  2. any free shipping codes laying around? I have a putter in cart and want to save the shipping cost! Thank you!!!
  3. I really liked the 21 with atmos 8X so I odered 17 with stock RDX hoping I can replace my 3w/3h setup. but FOR ME, 17 was not easy to hit/launch as 21. and gapping is not ideal for me with 17/21 UW. so going back to my old set up. just wanted to report my case.
  4. I got my 21 uw and liking it. It might replace my 19 hybrid. That made me think of 17. Anybody replaced their 3/4w with 17? (how was the yardage?) I don't have any problem with my current 3w but this 21 is so easy to hit.
  5. 1. City, State? Salisbury, MD 2. Handicap? 7 3. Current putter? Bobby Grace Ollie 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? SS18 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  6. shaft length is 44inch it had a new jumbomax ultralight grip on it mint condition, nothing to mention. 1 inch tipping 1. I really want to trade with the same shaft(with cobra adapter) with no tipping. 2. Or, I can trade with any other modern driver with ventus blue with no tipping. 3. Lastly, if I don't get any trade offer I will sell it at $245 shipped and PP to lower 48.
  7. RH SST Pured 95 X Ping adapter on it Jumbomax XS grip on it very good condition asking $100 Shipped
  8. 1. sik armlock putter -43.5 length -78 lie -7 loft - blk grib/matching new HC Mint condition. wanted to have automatic short putt machine. But I failed. I am 6'2" tall FYI. first owner bought it from SIK. asking $400 shipped. (have original shipping box from sik, and will be shipped in that box as well) 2. Honma TW-U 4 iron - 40 inch - std loft and lie - new Jumbomax Ultralight XL grip on it. - steelfiber i110cw xstiff shaft the head and shaft has sign of use and bag chatter. see pics. face is perfect. This is automatic stinger machine for me but the thing is my home course never require stinger shot. going back to 4 hybrid instead. Asking $140 shipped.
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