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  1. I don't know why but he looked better with TM clubs to me.
  2. I was stupid enough to sell of my xhot pro. And then, it became a long journey to find a "working" 3 wood for me. I hope the journey stopped here with my TS2 HL. So far so good.
  3. any set that gives me 90% of green.
  4. 620 looks so pure New Mizuno looks so sexy want to have the both.
  5. Salisbury MD 9 p790 I'd like to see if there is real improvement over previous version. Of course yes.
  6. I think it depends on you game. I only use my gap wedge as an 'iron'. So, I use one from the set.
  7. 9 105 mph yes full bag fitting early 2019 Salisbury MD yes Mizuno st180 driver/ TM m6 3 wood Thanks
  8. They got completely lost on recent design language.
  9. As long as bounce and grind match for your game, brand or built year would not matter.
  10. They gathered tons of data from Thier testers and made up a fitting system out of it. I get that. But they never saw my swing.
  11. why doesn't he use ping staff bag? haha
  12. Sorry for what happened. ----- just out of curiosity; what if find the club at local pawn shop? buying it off?
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