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  1. fluffy lie - 56/10 wet/shallow sand - 60/05
  2. Ping fairways are always easier to hit off the deck.
  3. > @sh9109 said: > > @kiw1982 said: > > M6 is very forgiving. But I would say, G400 max is still king of forgiveness. > > seems like so many people are using the mizuno st180 or 190... I bought it just because it was so cheap. I like Mizuno. I had a driver fitting and MY was the best result for me. But the difference with st180 was so tiny. My fitter just threw a new shaft for st180. Tried everything except new 410lst but most of them just perform similarly.
  4. > @3puttchamp said: > Are the 3 and 2 irons relatively easy to hit? Everybody is different but 2 udi is easier to hit than hybrids to me.
  5. M6 is very forgiving. But I would say, G400 max is still king of forgiveness.
  6. Used to bag adams cmb 5-G with 3&4 hybrid. fitted with 790 and no more use of 4 hybrid. And then somehow, I ditched 3 hybrid and bagging p790 2-iron. So, my set up is 3 wood, 2 iron, 4-G.
  7. I started with mp69. If you practice a lot, you can hit anything.
  8. > @Joker91 said: > https://callawaypresscenter.com/company-statement/?fbclid=IwAR1yojLxo1A5WZRTtEBj-Svr73SXwl4X-aVXN0NqgzDsY_waQ_6WnVSWmS8 English is not my first language, but I did my master degree in US. This is the hardest writing to understand. lol
  9. Honestly, nobody can feel the actual difference in forgiveness on both. Just go for whatever you like more on address and contact. Both are great set of iron. (I'd choose 919 over 760. When it comes to compact irons, I always prefer Mizzy.)
  10. I loved xr pro 5 wood. tried a few others and came over to DI but nothing could beat that.
  11. I finally made up my mind. I am better with my 2 iron. So, I am back to 14 clubs guy. haha.
  12. The rail on the woods and hybrids. Aren't they better if they are curved along the way the heads move? Thanks!
  13. Of course not for tournaments. I am carrying my 3H/2i together at this moment. Off the tee - 2i is clear winner off the deck - 3h is clear winner I really wish I have ability to flush my 2i off the deck every single time!!!!!!! Oh, and I have 3-4 golf buddy who plays with me all the time but they never care what I play or how many club I carry(I don't do betting) This post is not about DI vs Hybrid debate. (We have millions of them right?) So, what's your story?
  14. > @Stanks said: > Why test garbage / a stolen design? No-one disagrees that the K4 was an ok ball. It was like the Glock of golf balls. Cheap but performed for the price. The users are like the Vegans of the sport. Jump on the pointy end of a tee. wow.. that was my best call for the price ever. 1. garbage - what is your standard/logic behind it? 2. a stolen - we all know that the ball is from Nassau Golf. They sold them to Costo. I think there is no way costco will sell the same ball at the same price. But man, c'mon.
  15. > @Mahamilto said: > People are grumbling about Mygolfespionage tests, but if you have looked at their results from the last several years of “most wanted” they haven’t shown any brands favoritism. > > They also include all the data, even broken down into data by swing speed. The tests appear to be conducted with very little bias; a good number of golfers, with a variety of swing speeds, a large sample size of shots per offering, and they use a legitimate launch monitor for data collection. > > As far as testing products goes, it’s actually pretty fair. I’m for sure
  16. I would buy anything if I can get 20 yards carry consistently. If Ror wins, that would be a bonus!
  17. I am interested in this coming result, but I got sick of their super long tease.
  18. If you like them all, let the fitter do the job.
  19. Looks like a great plan!! You know your game and strength. One tip: Do not rush the process. Good luck!
  20. MP-69. Traditional, proper weighting, great feel.
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