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  1. i200 was better in all aspects for me. Everybody is so different you know.lol
  2. I came to p790 to lower my flight and it worked. I saw different numbers and heights by shaft change during the fitting. Good luck for perfect combo.
  3. I am not low capper. 9. Also I am not a short hitter among my friends(not here) My fitter made me buy p790. I was blade/players cavity player. And I gained extra club yds with this set. So I put GW and got rid of one hybrid. So far so good.
  4. I have own the second version of Apex as combo set. And I have hit the new Apex in my fitting. I honestly cannot tell the new one is better than older one. I would go with combo set.
  5. > @BettinardiGolf said: > > @kiw1982 said: > > What is yours brands strength over Scotty Cameron in your opinion? > > > > (I love yours more anyway lol) > > BOB: We make our own putters, in our OWN shop 15 ft feet away from mine and Sam's office. The family-owned aspect is something i'am very proud of... I couldn't sleep at night knowing I had to answer to shareholders. End of story. love it. Thanks.
  6. What is yours brands strength over Scotty Cameron in your opinion? (I love yours more anyway lol)
  7. If they are properly fitted, I would say the difference amount new drivers is minimal. That means you can be a real fanboy to a certain brand or product. lol
  8. Do you use all three lines or just big T? I use one which has big T only. It is from 'eyeline golf' I recall.
  9. I use my just because it fits my swing. If you can get more confidence out of my, go for it. Both are great products.
  10. Always have used s200 or wedge flex. First time, I threw the matching shaft from my iron set into my wedges. Feel and control got so consistent.
  11. 14 ways cart bag. Driver 5 / 4 / 2 / 3w 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 lw / sw / gw / pw Putter Plenty of rooms.
  12. 1. To answer your original question, p750 is forgiving. 919 tour is just blade. 2. If you can wait, there are always sellers that will sell items you want. Wait until somebody sells combo set with ctaper or even 6-p. Good luck.
  13. All wedges have different target yardage or purpose around green. So, it doesn't matter until they got their job done.
  14. hit them both on the fitting. I am total hooker with hybids. I know that s my swing but 410 was not un exception. Of course flat lie can help many ppl but I think also there are plenty ppl who still hook 410. lol. Hope this helps.
  15. > @"Jack Pearsall" said: > Gap wedge by Onoff. Had a metal square on the back that is just so cool. > $55 brand new. It is a cool looking wedge. How does it play?
  16. Forgiveness can contribute over time for your game imo. But, I would go with 730 because it is absolutely gorgeous.
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