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  1. I don't mind it unless I hook the iron crazy.
  2. > @wmblake2000 said: > Only about a billion times True wrxer!!
  3. > @monkeyboy said: > As long as you are not taking money away from essential things, who cares? How many years will we play this sport...might as well enjoy it. If buying something sentimental, as a test, something beautiful makes you happy - do it with no regrets. > (new driver on its way) Amen. Good luck with new driver.
  4. > @uglande said: > > I have the P790 2-iron as well. Is the KBS Tour shaft you have in yours the Proto Graphite version or the steel? I'm trying to decide on a shaft for mine. In my signature I have listed the Accra shaft but actually haven't installed it yet. I also have a new uncut KBS Tour Proto Graphite shaft. Debating which one to install. > > But to answer your prompt, I just bought a Scotty Cameron Bullseye flange putter (American Classics III version with a leather grip). I bought one of these new when they came out in 2008, or whatever it was, and I always regret
  5. I recommend you to focus on 1. the carry number and the ball flight. 2. right shaft combo with good length for you. Anyway, I am using m6 3 wood. Because I am not that efficient with my driver, 3 wood goes further than my driver. It is that long and easy to hit from the tee and the deck.
  6. A man who played mp30 and 6 hdc, can play anything imo. Head wise, I personally love 18sc but I don't think it is that forgiving. If you want some help, 919F would be better choice.
  7. Have you ever bought a club that; you know you do not need it for your game you know you feel too expensive to play you know you are good enough to play it you know it is just beautiful you know nothing. I bought p790 UDI 2 iron again. I have tried handful of graphite shafts for this one because I just love it. I know I am better with my CLK hybird. Even I know that I can score lower. Man, I am not a pro who is making money from golf. I am spending my time and money for my pleasure. This time, I matched the shaft with my iron set. I don't know how it is going to perform b
  8. > @mjbfyb said: > > @kiw1982 said: > > Why don't he use xxio irons? > The entire XXIO line is designed for slower swing speeds. Their website even says if you swing over 95 MPH, XXIO doesn’t have a club designed for you. Cleveland, Srixon and XXIO are all owned by the same company. > wow.. I have a lot of Korean friends who use XXIO and they many of them have faster SS than 95mph. They spent their money wrong I guess. What a good news for me. haha.
  9. 13 Xforged was very good among the competitions. and, the new xforged is also great. But, there are too many good options nowadays. lol
  10. I would go with 64. No second thought.
  11. > @mgholda said: > > @kiw1982 said: > > What's the length on Jimmy's? > That’s a personal question. > > Sorry for the inappropriate English. lol
  12. He must kept those 32s in the garage. Let me use them bro! Oh, please use 009 not the new SC mallet!
  13. kiw1982

    M6 vs ST190

    Hit them both on fitting. 190 gave me higher spin number than m6. Both were performing great of course.
  14. > @IamMarkMac said: To the original topic, I wonder if a wide sole SGI iron will be any better at holding a green than a hybrid. Of course it depends on individuals, but I dare say NO!
  15. 1. If you can fix your major swing flaw relatively fast, do it before the fitting. 2. There are no such thing as "fit for future" 3. Sometimes, properly fitted club can give you instant better result. Or course, many cases are not. 4. I think once anybody(irrelevantly what handicap is) has repeatable swing, fitting will give them better result. Good luck with your journey!
  16. Have tried both in my fitting. Ended up with m6 but all of them just perform very closely and nicely. My second choice was ts2. Feel, look, sound all good to me. Personally, ping woods are crazy easy to hit but I just don't like the tabulator.
  17. > @rkelso184 said: > Think I'm just going to get fit and order it in. By the time I spend the 150 having them re gripped and lengthend I'm not that much worse off. > > Appreciate everyone's input Good call there
  18. p790 is very long but not chunky nor ugly. I tend to play green(we have green between blue and black), but sometimes play black tee for fun. I carry 175 with my p790 7 iron but it is tough. Adding trusty hybrids is also great idea.
  19. what about latest xforged?
  20. If I don't lose a ball for a round, I tend to use a new ball for a new round. 4-5 hard wedge shot will damage the ball anyway.
  21. Forgiving wise, I think app is less forgiving the the other two. I felt ap3 was forgiving as tmb and feels better to me.
  22. > @Break81 said: > Most won't agree but I found the AVX similar to the K3. > > > > I even cut them both open and layer thickness etc was about the same. > > > > Also you can buy the Japan version (prestige) I believe for a lot cheaper. I also posted pics of the covers up close and the dimple pattern is identical. You can usually get them on RBG K3 is one of the most spinning balls. The key factor of avx is low spin.
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