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  1. Looked better with the Scotty. But I hope you can win many times soon. Go!
  2. 7.0 seems a bit harsh for his swing.
  3. New Apex. I thought the jailbreak wouldn't matter for such a small head. But, man it is working. I wanted to buy it but could not justify the cost since my current one is just working fine.
  4. I was playing cmb and am playing p790.
  5. Namely I use 4 wedges but to me it is more like 2 wedges system. I have p790 pw and gw. And, carry about 140, 128. And, I don't use them any specialty shots around green. So, basically, they are irons. I use only two wedges; 1. higher bounce wedge - fluffy lie or bunker 2. lower bounce wedge - tighter lie or bunker
  6. I would like to hear about their full shot. When I had old pm, it was hard to hit full shots somehow.
  7. > @mpf08796 said: > I do enjoy my p790 UDI. Awesome off the tee with a great penetrating ball flight for me. It can be hard to elevation from none fairways lies. Misses are manageable, but it always stings when your friend laugh at you for missing a driving iron. Yeah.. When I hit it off the tee passing third driver, they say nothing. But, when I mishit off the deck, my friends get really happy. lol
  8. > @uglande said: > Not many P790 votes here. Interesting. > Anyway, I’d also like to see a “longest DI” thread and a “favorite DI shaft” thread. 1. longest DI: TM UDI 2. Any steel shaft from your iron set.
  9. I recommend you to try Srixon. Soft as old mizzy and very easy to make combo set(easier than mizzy imo)
  10. If you don't mind dated one; older Titleist woods. If you one newer offerings; tour edge cb.
  11. I would bend 5i strong or 4i weaker. And, would find a hybrid carries about 220. with your driver and wood carry number, there should be many hybrids hit that number and easy enough to his at the same time. I use the p790 also and bag 4 iron. D - 260 3w - 240 3h - 220 4i - 208 Hope you can find proper gap.
  12. used to bag 5w. now with 3h. much easier to hit and goes same distance.
  13. Yeah. New Apex is legit. Older Apex is also legit. haha.
  14. I am using 1/2 over STD. I can use an inch plus or STD with no problem. Go whatever you are comfortable and confident!
  15. 9ironiscash said: Anyone with a moderate swing speed (99ish with driver) play the gapr lo? Or would it be too hard to elevate without faster clubhead speed? am at 105.fitter told me that I should go with mid at least. Maybe it's just me.
  16. Putting is the most personal part of the game. I do not trust the tests by the others. I have owned evnroll out of curiosity. It is just a another putter to me. Their argument with the groove is also hard to believe. I saw three different evnroll putters and they were not consistent enough to me.
  17. Leading edge is the key difference.
  18. You will carry 280 with that 4 iron. wow. I carry 260 with my driver. very sad. lol
  19. I wouldn't do that. But I agree that raw irons are sexy!
  20. Everything except my p790. I got fitted and I promised my wife that not gonna buy any other club within 5 yrs. lol
  21. ace036 said: So I ended up getting fit at Club Champion and the clear winner was the Taylormade GAPR Lo with a KBS Graphite Hybrid Prototype shaft. Shots were a perfect “medium-ish” trajectory (averaging around 30 feet or so in height) and producing some ball speeds at or just over 150mph. The GAPR was definitely more forgiving than expected and versus everything else I tested. Looking forward to getting it in the bag eventually. Thanks to all for the responses. Told ya. good choice!I wish I can swing a DI. It is great from the tee but am way better with hybrids from the deck.
  22. I and my fitter agreed on this subject; matching iron shaft from the set works the best.
  23. Driver - Ping G30 with stock blue shaft. very high spin and short distant. never missed fairways. Fairway Woods - M6(current gamer). Really easy to hit. Not sure it is from the fitting. Second choice would be original xhot. Hybrid - XR. Driving Irons - N/A. I really want to bag one just because it is cool. Tried almost everything but I am not good enough to flush it from the deck. Dang it. Iron set - J40 DPC by far to me. Wedge - original PM. automatic from bunkers and it cured my chipping yips. What is yours? Let's not talk about putters tho.
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