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  1. *** Set of P760 irons built by Tru Spec golf here in Scottsdale. Have some bag chatter and wear but in overall good condition. Specs as follows: - 4 iron (still in plastic with stock DG shaft) - 5 iron through PW with KBS Tour V (stiff flex) shafts - Golf Pride Align grips - $650 OBO shipped CONUS *** P790 irons also built by Tru Spec - 3 iron is in MINT CONDITION - 4 & 5 iron have been used - All 3 clubs have identical KBS Tour V shafts as P760’s listed above - $350 OBO shipped CONUS
  2. 5 different Tour Issued Spider Putters for sale! 1) Tour issued Spider X - Flow neck - Navy blue head - Naked/no sight line (I have a red pin stripe tape added that is removable) - 33” length - Red Pure over sized grip - Custom white KBS shaft!!! *** $525 OBO shipped CONUS *** 2) Tour issued spider X - Face balanced - Navy blue head - Naked/no sight line - 33” length - Black pure over sized grip *** $275 OBO shipped CONUS *** 3) Tour issued spider X - Slant neck - Navy blue head - T s
  3. For sale is a brand new Odyssey Stroke Lab - 2 Ball - TEN putter! Specs: - 34” (see sticker on grip) - Face Balanced - Stroke Lab shaft - Matching head cover included $SOLD OBO shipped CONUS
  4. Barely used (3 rounds & 2 range sessions) set of 2020 Taylormade P770 irons. These clubs were professionally built by Tru Spec golf here in Scottsdale (see sticker on shaft). Specs as follows: - Six clubs total (PW - 5iron) - Standard length, standard lie, 1* strong loft - Upgraded Oban CT115 (stiff flex) shafts - No1 grips (all black) Let me know if you have any questions. I tried to upload a picture of every clubs face & sole. $Unsold
  5. I am going from the P760’s to P770’s. I haven’t gamed them yet. I’ll let you know after I play Thursday!
  6. I wore these ONCE and realized I needed a bigger size. These are sold out everywhere! Will ship with box shown. - Nike Air Zoom Infiniti Tour NRG limited edition “Tye Die” - Size 10.5 - $190 shipped CONUS
  7. I grabbed one of these on a whim and paired it with the yellow Triple track ball... shot 69 with 26 putts on Saturday. I was surprised how good the neon looks! I’ll update you guys on what happens after the honeymoon round.
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