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  1. Snagged this pic from Instagram. Forgiveness and forging but definitely not game improvement as some claimed.
  2. Im getting different answers. Im in a glass box of emotion.
  3. Can anyone, mizuno rep or account holder, accurately say when they are expecting to get the Pro 221, 223 demos available in shops? One local spot told me a few weeks ago probably November. They said today it’s looking more like February. Really hoping this isn’t true as I was Waiting to test these against zx7’s. I was Looking forward to have already had submitted an order by February. Thanks.
  4. Yeah. The 3D looks fine with me but I’m also coming from PING i20s. They’ve got booty. I’ve hit the new T100s. They are pretty much blades with a slight relief.
  5. As a Ping homer, sounds great. I was hoping for a slimmer sole but I’m thinking these are going to look amazing in hand. Wondering how they will compare with the ZX7.
  6. Thank you. Tom-ato, ta-moto.... Sounds PINGish.
  7. Wasn't expecting such a large extended sole on the 223 model. Between that and the elastomer, the 223 is giving me a very "PING-y" i210 vibe. i210 with a smooth forged feel?
  8. Anyone know when demo irons hit the US market? I'm waiting to upgrade to these, the ZX7s, or Apex Pros.
  9. Was this on one of their videos? Havent seen them talk about them yet. Did they go into depth?
  10. Anybody know when demos hit golfshops?
  11. i was about to post this exact same topic. Hit the apex pro, new T100, and the ZX7's yesterday. They were fitting demos so really just 7 irons expect for the Apex pro's. Hit a PW of the Apex too they had in a used set in the shop. The topline of the ZX7's were off putting compared to the other two. The apex pros have a very different sound. Found them to be more forgiving than the T100's but really started grooving the T100's later in the range session. Both felt great, just different. Both very slim and blady. I'd like to hit the PW in the T100 for comparison. Im going to pull the trigger on one of them after the first of the year. Was waiting on the new MP line but the cavity version looks disappointing to say the least. Following for anyone who has hit them both in more depth. Im curious about the long irons compared between the two.
  12. Thinking about picking up a pair of the all white Traditions. I was curious about what peoples thoughts are on the model of shoe. Wondering how they hold up, the bottom sole especially. From the soft look of them, I was worried they may start to discolor or look grimy. Love the look of the shoe though.
  13. 1. How will a SeeMore putter could help your game? Best training aid for a great stroke. Set up is ideal for great putting. 2. What is your handicap? 2 3. Location? Western KY 4. What style of putter do you tend to prefer? Recently switched from a mallet to an anser blade. feels more natural. 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your putting? Pace and speed are strengths. Weakness is playing grain. 6. What type of facility do you primarily play at (ie public vs private), and how would you rate the greens? Semi private CC. Greens are very slick Championship Bermuda. 7. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes. Spend more time working on putting than any other part of my game. 8. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes Sir! Thanks! Love Seemore
  14. Not sure about the grooves. Youd probably have to fork out the $1100 for a PLD. I wanted a naked anser and picked this up from a guy with a tour connection.
  15. Looking for suggestions for my heel shafted 7. The Odyssey head covers have always looked cheap to me, idk. Preferably a magnet closure. I'd like something simple. Even a brown leather or something would be good. Ive looked at Robert mark and stuff but didn't necessarily wanna break the bank on a head cover. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  16. Has anyone else ordered from them? Just got my blade putter cover in the mail today and the thing barely fits my standard Ping Anser. The velcro is not strong, the shaft depth area is so shallow it makes it difficult for the velcro to even close. The heel of the putter is almost showing/coming out of the back. I emailed about it not fitting and I'm waiting for a response. I love the design but it just simply doesn't fit. When I ordered originally, I swear their site said no returns on custom orders. Now it simply says no returns on custom OR stock orders. Anyone else have any experience with them?
  17. Gotcha. Thanks for the pics. I have the midsize on my gamer and was curious if I were to switch it out. I love the size of the mid Ping. I realize the GP is firmer being cord but is it night and day firmer compared to the rubber Ping?
  18. Anyone who has used the red star GPPO cord, is the size similar to the Ping blackout standard grip or the Ping rubber midsize putter grip? thanks.
  19. I picked Up the Dale Anser in the black back in December. I was using the Ping Redwood Anser which is 303 stainless but wanted a softer feel. The Dale has the milled face which makes it much softer. You can tell when you strike it dead center. Also, I found a steal on mine off eBay. It’s a custom all black, with black weights, and naked. No flange line or anything. Love it.
  20. Custom Naked Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser. 35.25” with stealth black weights.
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