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  1. Pretty sure that ball did eventually fall in...after 4+ min. I do recall hearing about that incident. So yeah, they had to do something or players might stand there all day claiming the ball "was moving".
  2. The key is, when they do the 8-somes (assume 2 scramble groups so they score each other), is you still have to keep the same max numbers. You can't jam extra groups in like they are normal 4-somes. But of course, if its a charity the main purpose is to raise $$, so you can't really complain about the pace.
  3. Unbelievable, I just encountered this yesterday. Its amazing what people do... 4th hole of the day, in a local Am comp - I describe these events as "semi-serious". It is a SP comp, but for example we do use MLR E-5 and also they say "any area of high grass/tree-line is considered lateral PA" (for pace of play reasons). Anyway, playing with 3 guys i never played with before (unusual since I've been playing several years) but I had seen the name of the guy I'm talking about. So #4 - par 3, we all hit to the green. Its the CTP hole for the day, I'm the only one who hit the green (~16'). Two guys across & long are walking to their balls (i.e their backs are facing us). The guy I'm talking about was just off the green on cart side. He's standing by his ball and I'm walking up, and he says "you better go check the marker to see if you got closest", so I'm walking to the marker behind the green but I just glance back...it happened in the blink of an eye but I am 100% sure I saw him do a "wedge flick" - scooped his ball from down in the rough to on top. You know it happens so fast, and I also don't want to believe what I saw, I actually averted my eyes away & back. I'm not one for confrontation...I know for sure what I thought I saw, by time I look back again he's moved away from his ball, lining it up...all I can think is what if I say something and he says defiantly "no I didn't touch my ball". Would basically ruin the rest of the day I'm sure. So I didn't say anything I'm lining up my birdie putt and I've got this debate going on in my head "did I really just see that?". Managed to make par, but promptly doubled the next. Settled down & in the end beat the guy by 5 shots and he didn't finish in the "money" anyway. And I kept my eye on him rest of the day and didn't see anything else (I wasn't his "cart partner" so often wasn't close to him). But still, it bothers me 24 hrs later (hence posting this). Thought about saying something to the tour director after, but then it sounds like "gossip". I'll try to find out from some guys I know, if this guy has a rep. And I'll track him if I play with him again... Its actually the first time I've encountered this in these events...have had a couple guys who have had some math "challenges" when tallying up hole scores, or questionable drops, but first time (that I've seen directly) that a guy propped up his ball...disappointing
  4. 5 in a full round...but a group of us used to do a Thursday eve 9 hole event every week (btw 8-16 guys & incl 1 or 2 of the Asst Pros used to join in) - we played as 4's for the 9 holes...but as darkness was falling we routinely continued and played our holes 10 & 11 (out & back to the clubhouse) as an 8-12"some". To break ties, or sometimes we just throw extra skin money in...I can remember a great streak I had where I birdied 9 to win a bunch of $$$(in near darkness), then birdied 10, and then on 11 (in complete darkness) the maint staff had already removed the pin...1 guy said "oh it was left, slightly back" so I hit a completely blind shot (~6-7 iron) and got up there and it was 4'! Won a bunch of extra $$$ that day
  5. I have a couple good friends who I've been playing with for years...always just casual golf. They always just "drop one here" for lost balls or OB...and frequently take multiple mulligans. We play for fun...I'm shooting ~78-82, and they are shooting 100+ (closer to 110+ if they counted everything) - so I keep them moving for pace of play. So a couple things in the past year & half - #1 I told them I was getting certified and doing officiating at the State/Local area & #2 one guy has a 14 year old trying out for HS golf team. I played a round with him & his kid last summer - and definitely the kid had not had any formal rules help. He didn't know how to even properly mark his ball on green. I showed him some basic stuff that he needed to know to try out for the team. I'll give one example - all 3 of these guys (not the kid) were shocked one time when I had a tough lie, and I actually passed under the ball (trying cut lob near green from heavy rough) and at the end I said I made 6 - they said we thought 5. They were shocked when I told them the swing that didn't move the ball counted. We also all attended the BMW at Caves back in August - they completely freaked out when a player got relief from rough next to 17 green (due to sprinkler head) and the drop ended up in the fringe. I told them about the 5 areas and said for the GA there is no difference between - fringe, fairway, light rough, heavy rough, etc. They couldn't believe it...I said we ll sometimes the rules would put you in worse situation - and you'll see a player hit off a cart path or something, becasue the relief would be in heavy rough or bushes. And sometimes you get lucky and get to drop on the fringe. For complete strangers, I would only say something if asked...same in comps, if a player asks about relief or options. At that point I am an FC, not an RO.
  6. A couple quick thoughts reading this - good point by Sui...definitely big difference MP v. SP. Either way though - if your player was over helping another player (I assume not nearby) and the other girl hit before she could get close that brings up a couple points. Even if SP, I'd want to verify she hit the correct ball! It's even questionable why she hit so fast (like was she doing something questionable)...but I guess nothing can really be done if no one saw her. Other than verifying that she did hot the correct ball. Another interesting point re: MP...if the opponents ball is not yet found, and was seen heading in the same general area, then she really isn't permitted to hit, correct? No knowledge of which ball may be further away?...unless the opponent gives permission (as a time saving measure), and again once her ball has been positively identified.
  7. Had a guy at a club I belonged to back in the 90s. We kinda felt bad for him...guy was a decent stick but had terrible tips. Once saw him triple hit a 3 ft putt...he would do the coin thing on 20 ft putts. To get 6" closer...amazing. Similar I just played with a guy on Sat...in a "light" competition (no big stakes or anything). Guy teed up in front of the tee markers at least 4 times. Between 3-6" ahead. Amazing (and sad) its so ingrained in some people that they are trying to get 6" closer to a 400 yard target.
  8. As do I, nothing fancy - Tasco 7x25. Work most of the time, but there are definitely times I get at either a bad angle, or bad light and can't follow the ball no matter how hard I try. Have had players get upset if I say "no, sorry I lost it in flight". Oh well, yes I'm trying to help (mostly in interest of pace-of-play), but it's not my responsibility to track your ball
  9. Just need Rory with wedges in his hand...and we'll win easily
  10. love the heart-rate monitors...fascinating. IP was racing on #1 tee- but still hit a nice drive
  11. I'm doing USGA 4-ball qualifier on Monday. So stroke play. Thinking of the main things different about 4-ball. Scoring issues with marking the card (but that is not my responsibility). Couple things I'm thinking about: 1. Partners providing "help" esp putts on green - different scenarios like described in I 23.8a(2)/1...or backstopping agreements 2. Partner standing behind other partner - forbidden for caddies, also forbidden for players. Any others you guys watch for?
  12. Yep, sounds like a situation that had unplayable written all over it => +1 pen to drop in the bunker (either 2 cl or back on line) or +2 pen to get out of the bunker back on the line
  13. I had this exact situation in a comp 2 weeks ago - a par 3 over a yellow PA. And no MLR B-3 in effect At the green edge of the PA it is fairly shallow with lots of vegetation - you can frequently get playable lies there...so I had to go all the way around (fortunately we were using carts - Sr comp), check my lie. Could see the ball, but was not playable. So then I had to drive back around and I proceeded under 17.1d(2). Dropping on the forward tee which was on the line back. Was glad that we had some cushion to the group behind - so no one had arrived to the tee box yet (that's always embarrassing!) This was the only hole on the course that it would really apply - have you all seen where is says MLR B-3 is in effect for 1 hole only? How often" - I know B-3 is not on hard card for the State comps (like D-7, E-13, F-7 all are) - not sure I have seen it in effect for any comps I have played in the past 2 years. Similar to how MLR B-2 is sometimes for one hazard only, correct?
  14. Yep, USGA had that question in the recent short course (maybe discussed here?) - in their scenario it was ball leaning against a pine cone in the GA. The caveat was...right where the pine cone was touching, was where the ID mark was. Same deal....move LI to identify, ball moves = no pen, put ball back & don't to replace pine cone
  15. It should be placed no matter what...placed on the spot, which if not known is estimated. (Per 9.6) - there is nothing that says you drop it if the spot is unknown. So I assume, as jimbo says, the ball was placed...and the article just mistakenly said he dropped it.
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