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  1. Wow, that wasclose...DK nearly holed for eagle on 18. Congrats to Ally
  2. TerpFangolfer

    Bad look

    Its what most(or at least many) of the 20-somethings wear around my office (at least back when we used to go to the office!)
  3. I was 22...watched with grandpa (who taught me golf) & other family members. he was a big Arnie guy, but like many he had come around on Jack. Was a great afternoon...
  4. Amen...was wondering if he could even get it out...and he holes it. Part luck, but still incredible shot
  5. Sorry late here, but also check out your local Special Olympics chapter. My son plays SO golf, and most of the states/ local chapters have golf programs that will definitely welcome club donations. Both Jr & Adult sizes...I donated all my US Kids as my kids grew through each set.
  6. BDC laid into someone behind the 6th green, after missing his bogey putt to go +5 for the day. I guess it cleared him up because he's -4 since then.
  7. Just chiming in to say - go Kelly T! Her results have been really good this year, rooting for her to breakthrough
  8. Haha...and now a 'Bama player just hit his own teammate with a shot! He had to go back to play a penalty shot, the other guy was walking ahead but seemingly way off the line of play...big slice 1 or 2 bounces and hit the guy! Crazy stuff abounds today...
  9. The crazy part was that ALL 5 UK players drove into the same fairway bunker on 18. Then Goff somehow hit the wrong ball, even with the coach standing right there. In case people didn't see, the teams were playing a together in a 5-some group ...instead of the normal when players from each team would be mixed together. So that each team would be isolated from other teams.
  10. I don't really hate Sergio - not a huge fan (mostly because of him killing us in the RC)...but yesterday was definitely pulling for Malnati.
  11. FYI - I just recently looked at booking a fall getaway here - they (the resort) are completely shutdown for renovation(?) for ~60 days. Re-open in mid-Nov I think?
  12. I know in the old days they only measured 2 holes per round (they were measuring manually) - but I think now with all the computers they are measuring every shot? Just like they measure every single putt, so every player knows the total feet of putts they make every day. And their prox. to hole on every approach shot...etc etc
  13. Yeah, the use of the word "cheating" is beyond ridiculous...the object was there for every player in the field - if Nelly could have hit the 18th fairway just 1 out of 2 tries she most likely wins. I do agree 100% that the optics suck - the blank wall. There would probably be much less outcry if they had just built the normal grandstand - heck, they could have let some of the volunteers/staff even into the stands near the end. I don't ever recall this level of outrage in the past...
  14. Yeah, that's what I thought...if the player had no possible way to know what happened...and as long as no one informed the player that it was actually her mother that threw it back? https://golf.com/instruction/rules/mother-gets-daughter-disqualified-rules-violation-lpga-event/
  15. Just a thought - and not directed at the OP...but all of us. So many of these questions that get asked here (and I love all the questions and reading about the situations)...but anyway, so many answers would be SO much easier with a picture. I know I'm the same - don't always think about it. Even thought my phone is right nearby. I have been in 2 situations (older rules) where I played a 2nd ball under 3.3 (now 20.1c) - and I definitely took photos to show the committee after the round. Guys - if you think about it the time...snap a pic then bring it here ? I'
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