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  1. Waiting on a par 5 for the green to clear and then either chunking or topping the next shot, 3 putting from anywhere, losing a ball when you think you're safe. The last one I really only run into at my home course, it's got a lot of tight dog legs with blind tee shots. Some drives look perfect but if they travel too far or take a weird bounce they'll end up OB.
  2. For the many who have said Wilson you clearly haven't tried their recent iron sets. I wouldn't say I'm completely adverse to any brands as a whole but I really dislike PING wedges and Taylormade putters. The other brand I'll mention is Odyssey. Now, I have used Odyssey putters forever and I'll never give up my trusty PT82 or Black Series Milled but the new putters are just so bad. Bringing the white hot face back is a big step and I understand they are letting Toulon make the milled putters now but in my opinion Odyssey has gone way downhill.
  3. Greyson is offering additional 30% off on sale items today. I got these two items for about 60% off.
  4. Those look great! Not loving the 10-12 week lead time though....
  5. So I use an Odyssey PT82 and I can’t find a nice head cover that fits. I’ve reached out to Dormie Workshop and they can make me a custom but for big $$$. Any suggestions on something under $100?
  6. A giant steaming hot pepperoni pizza.
  7. Unpopular opinion but I love the feel of my PT82. It's a mix between a marshmallow and a pillow but it works for me.
  8. Keeping the driver, I shouldn't be chasing distance
  9. Forgot to mention, no head cover available on the TS2.
  10. Please PM with questions or if you need additional pics. 350 milled putter: 34”, 350 gram head weight, comes with all three head covers pictured. Great condition. $350 shipped. Titleist TS2 Driver: 10.5 degree. Comes with your choice of shafts. I’ve got a Graphite Design Tour AD BB 7S and a Graffaloy Pro Launch Blue 65X. Both play 45”. Used for one Minnesota golf season. (Not a long season) $225 shipped with Graffaloy $250 shipped with BB
  11. I wasn't planning on buying anything but then I hit the SIM 2 Max D and now I might be buying that.
  12. My top of bag: Driver 5 wood 3 iron I dumped my 3 wood years ago because I thought it was pointless to have a club I couldn't hit off the deck if needed. The 3 iron is much more versatile for me.
  13. I'm 27 and have been hanging around golf courses since I was maybe 4 or 5. I just witnessed a hole in one for the first time last year. Of course it wasn't mine.
  14. A few stand out to me. The first time I beat my dad, he was a stick at the time playing to around 0-1 handicap so that was pretty special. The last round I ever played with my grandpa, he unfortunately passed due to cancer but gutted it out for one more round with the family. The first time I shot sub 70. It was a 67 on a fairly difficult course, I hit so many good shots that day.
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