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  1. Cobra F9 with Tensei Blue 55 Stiff. Bought last year & after a few rounds ended up switching to the Ping G410 SFT for most of 2019. At the start of 2020 golf season I gave the F9 another chance before I was gonna sell it. For some reason I started to pound the F9. For once I just let it be & didn't tinker. It's been in the bag all year even though I bought some newer drivers like the TM SIM Max D, Cobra SZ Extreme & Mavrik Max.
  2. Ping usually does a good job when it comes to listening to customer feedback. So I hope your right. Not sure how they can improve the looks though. They are close to perfect as is.
  3. I think Ping did an outstanding job with the look of the i500's but they kind of dropped the ball on the sound & feel. I often thought of buying a single iron & putting some form of rubbery silicone inside the head just as an experiment. Just never figured out exactly what would be the best substance to fill the head with.
  4. I agree - bring back the adjustable hybrids. Still have the F7's which was the last time they were adjustable.
  5. Still waiting on my lefty G710 5 iron. Been less than a month at this stage though.
  6. Probably play 3 times a week but not on successive days. I've gone on buddy golf trips where I have played 5 successive days & it just gets to be too much. I like to take a day or two in between rounds which gives me time to miss playing. Playing too much leads me into mental & physical golf fatigue.
  7. Damaged golf balls end up being donated to range at my home course. The range has a mix of very old actual range balls & whatever other balls are retrieved from the woods surrounding the golf course. To be honest half the time I will lose a ball before it gets damaged.
  8. Been gaming the Apex 19's all season. I have the Forged Tec 20's but Apex 19's have held their ground. If you are comparing the standard Apex 19's to the P770's it's more of an apples to oranges kind of comparison...Apex 19 Pro's to P770's more of an apples to apples comparison. Personally as much as I love the looks of the P770's I know they are not meant for me. I want forgiveness & yardage compared to feel & slightly better dispersion.
  9. In the past I would switch irons several times a season. One of my friends asked why & I said I just like trying new clubs. I realized it was probably to the detriment of my golf game so I decided then & there to play same irons all season or at least until league is over. I have found improved consistency as a result which also gives me more confidence. I did have a bad stretch early on in the season when my irons shots felt like I was hitting bricks but I fought the urge to switch & started to get the irons sorted out. been playing Apex 19's all year & although I have bought
  10. Ordered a G710 5 iron a week ago Monday & was told it would be 3-4 weeks. It's left handed & I'm hoping there is available inventory since it is less popular than the right handed clubs.
  11. Several threads on the Maxfli Tour. Most agree it's a great alternative to high priced tour balls. I've been using it since launch last year. It does not disappoint. Just surprised that a DSG house brand ball is really this good...but it's the real deal.
  12. I've been playing the Maxfli tours since they launched last year. At 2 for $50 they are worth the price. The performance is equal to any other tour ball I played. It has been reviewed on a couple different site & has always come through with outstanding results. Hard to go wrong with this ball.
  13. If no 4 iron does that mean they could of possibly added a LH matching approach wedge for the ZX5?...I generally like my irons to have the matching AW. It's just another full shot club for me. I don't get into the specialty wedges until SW & LW. I'm sure they would sell more of the AW's than the 4 iron. Lefty sales are tough & LH 4 iron sales even tougher.
  14. I actually have had success with 48-54-60. Only ever use the 60 for finesse shots around green. 54 from 100 and in.
  15. I own both the Apex 19's & the Forged Tec 20's. Currently gaming the Apex 19's. Feel & sound is slightly better. Also I like the compactness of the Apex 19's. I've been hitting the Apex 19's pretty well & I don't see any reason to throw the Forged Tec's into the mix right now. I usually switch clubs regularly but am trying to game the same clubs all year. Really have only swapped the putter this year. New drivers, iron etc. just sitting in the garage awaiting it's opportunity. The Forged Tec's are really solid but if I had to choose I would go with the Apex 19's.
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