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  1. How many of you are holding off buying the Gen 3 irons in hopes of another price drop when the Gen 4 irons are released?
  2. I'm a lefty so I finally gave up on Mizuno. Seems like their harboring some sort of hateful grudge against the left handed boys.
  3. Yes-for you to see "measured" club head data you will need stickers. You don't need the stickers to play simulation as it only needs the ball data. You will get an "estimation" of club head data based on ball data without the stickers. I think the stickers are more for club fitting purposes or range practice but you can use during simulation if you wanted to do that. We usually don't. If you have a group of 4-8 guys wanting to play some simulation golf it would be a hassle to put stickers on all the clubs. Foresight is the same way. You need to add stickers to get measu
  4. I would definitely go with Uneekor. Better price & better customer service. They are kicking the overpriced GC Hawk's butt. Eye XO & software will run you $10-12K depending on what software you choose. Simulation software to choose from includes E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Creative Golf 3D & GSpro. Lots of great options. Exe Xo Includes club head data as well. You need to apply stickers to clubs just like Foresight HMT. Stickers not needed for simulation play though. GC Hawk & Foresight FSX 2020 software will cost about $18K. ($15K for GC Hawk &
  5. I've said the exact same thing a few times. I understand the left hand market share is small, but the left hand market share for a lefty who is good enough to play a 3 iron is...well practically non existent. Not sure who makes the final decision on what irons to include in a lefty set but obviously they are completely off the mark. I'm pretty sure they would sell a ton of approach wedges while hardly next to no 3 irons. One of the exact reasons I will choose the Callaway Apex Pro over the TMP770. Also one of the reasons I will not even try the Srixon Z585. No approach wedge = no s
  6. I've tried so many drivers over the last several years. Short list of favorites... Cobra ZL Encore Cobra LTD Cobra F9 Ping G30 SFT
  7. Looks like the TSi2 will be the 3 degrees in between lofts. Like I guessed earlier. 18, 21, 24, & maybe 27. Eliminating the 19 & 23 lofts. Guessing the TSi3 will might be 2 degrees between lofts. 18, 20 & 22.
  8. Based on the fact I'm left handed I can immediately rule out Mizuno. They are seriously lacking when it comes to left handed equipment. I have tried the all one brand bag before & it has never worked. That being said if I had to choose I would probably go with Ping or PXG. Got to hand it to both Ping & PXG. Just about everything they make in right hand is available in left hand Snapped up the new 0211's from PXG & they look awesome. Couldn't stop with the irons so I got the whole 0211 line top to bottom. Will try them out in the spring.
  9. I have tried both in the past. I ended up settling on the lesser known Cobra OS 3-4 hybrid set at 20.5 degrees. It's kind of like a tweener club. Fits nicely in between 5 wood & smaller 5 hybrid. I just like the progression of the size of the clubs as well as it working great for gaps. When I want to change it up I throw the Callaway 20 degree super hybrid in the bag.
  10. I have waiting in the wings for spring a whole PXG 0211 bag of clubs. Couldn't pass up when they dropped the irons to $99. They look fantastic. Am also waiting on the next price drop of the 0311P Gen 3 irons. Also Purchased a new Cobra Radspeed XB driver & 5 wood. Not here yet. Went with the Navy colorway on both.
  11. I've seen pics of the TSi2 hybrid with an 18 & 24 degree loft. If I had to guess they probably go 18, 21, 24, 27 & that they may be eliminating the 19 & 23 degree options. Of course this is based on nothing more than a hunch.
  12. Interested in trying the Bridgestone E12 Contact. Will probably stick with the Maxfli Tour if the E12 doesn't work out. Been playing the Maxfli Tour since it's release & it works well for my game.
  13. First utility came out in 2016. New models dropped in 2018 & 2020. Seems like a 2 year cycle. I have a 4 utility in my Cobra set that blends great with the Forged Tec's. It actually replaces the 5 iron. Set goes from 4 iron to 6 iron...
  14. Everybody knows that...but did you know 15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance?
  15. Would this be the follow up to the "OEM's are a big joke" thread from last week?
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