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  1. Actually reminds me of an updated Cobra King OS hybrid that came out in 2017. I still have it in the bag but will be ordering the new King Tec 4 Hybrid.
  2. I'm a lefty but I totally get why some OEM's make certain clubs in RH only. Generally just what they feel will be the most popular will be made in LH. Exceptions seem to be Ping & more recently PXG. Both of them make everything for both RH & LH. What actually annoys me more is when an OEM makes a set of irons in RH 4 thru AW & the exact same set for LH is 4 thru PW. Where is the lefty AW? Makes no sense whatsoever to drop that last iron in the set. Sorry but I want the matching AW that will gap correctly with my iron set.
  3. Dropped the 5 iron a few years back when I realized that I didn't really hit it well enough to keep it in the bag. Switched to a Cobra 24 degree 5 hybrid & mishits are not nearly as punishing & the gaping works out great with my Apex 19 6 iron at 26.5 degrees.
  4. Between 50 & 100 yards I use my 53 degree SW. Under 50 yards I use 60 degree LW. Use both for chipping depends on what I am trying to accomplish.
  5. Gamed the F9 all last year. It was actually an experiment in trying a shorter driver. I tried it & found decent success so I just rolled with it. Best year with driver in a while. I upgraded to the RadSpeed but jury still out. It's definitely louder at impact than the F9. RadSpeed is currently in the bag. I really like the dark matte blue colorway. Still have the F9 in case it doesn't work out. Side note: I upgraded my Cobra F8 5 wood to the RadSpeed 5 wood & have zero regrets. F8 is going up for sale. RadSpeed 5 wood is awesome.
  6. My back up bag has a back up bag. Lol
  7. Love my 13.5 Original One. Sound & feel is excellent. Will the new mini have adjustable hosel like previous model?
  8. I've had a 7 wood in the bag until 2017 when the Cobra OS 3-4 hybrid was released. It never really got much love here but I liked it so much I have a backup in case it breaks. It blurs the line between a hybrid & fairway. Really fits my eye. There is just a nice natural looking size progression between my Cobra 5 wood, the Cobra OS & my Cobra 5 hybrid.
  9. Yup - I agree with you. I got so obsessed with finding the right grips I ended up creating my own grip changing work table etc. The grip rabbit hole can be deep. Lol
  10. I agree with you about the Foresight customer service. They seem to have no time for their non-commercial based customers.
  11. Grips are very subjective. You almost have to try them out to decide how well you like them. Fortunately I use an air compressor to install & remove grips rather quickly. Makes the process of finding the right grip a lot easier. I've recently switched my driver grip to the JumboMax Ultralite grip. I wear a large glove so I started with the recommended medium but found that it didn't feel right. Just too big. Switched to the Extra Small & it felt more comfortable. I have put on the new Winn DriTac 2.0 oversize on my fairway & hybrids. Irons have Lamkin Z5 Genesis regular
  12. I ditched the 3 wood years ago. What I eventually found out was my 3 wood & 5 wood went the same average distance except the 5 wood was easier to hit, landed softer & was better dispersion. Even off the tee the 5 wood was nearly equal to the 3 wood. Shorter club length just makes it easier to hit center of the club face with the 5 wood. Redundant to carry both...
  13. Currently using the Callaway Apex 19's. However I do have a set of the PXG 0311P Gen 3's that should be here soon. We shall see...
  14. I recently threw my TM Original One 13.5 degree back in the bag. More of an experiment at my home course. There are a few holes where my confidence was starting to decrease when hitting driver. The mini driver proved to be successful in boosting my confidence on these particular holes so will remain in the bag for the time being. Also I forgot what a great feeling/sounding club it is. And this thing really gets out there too. Maybe 15 yard less compared to my regular driver. TM did a really great job with this club. I would argue that there's a lot of recreational golfers who shoul
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