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  1. I bought a Uneekor overhead unit for $6K a couple years ago. It's extremely solid & rarely misses a shot. I've played many other simulators & this one did not disappoint. It's great for right or left hand. It's a camera based system so it works well for putting too. Only drawback is it's kind of permanently locked into it's location.
  2. I was quite happy with the looks of the i500...and from what I heard so were most others. It was the sound/feel that turned a lot of people off. If they can improve that then I will definitely give them a demo.
  3. A DTC bag sounds like fun. I'm going 1 step further & trying to make a "As seen on TV" gimmick bag. GX7 driver, Square strike wedges, Teton hybrids, Pyramid Putter etc. How could I go wrong?
  4. I think it's only a matter of time before another competitor will bring something out that will cut into Foresight's sales. Maybe their trying to get ahead of the potential competition. There's only so many GC Quads they are gonna sell. For most recreational golfers the price for the GC Quad is out of reach. The last few years has proven there is a huge secondary market that will spend less than half of what high end launch monitors cost. I believe it will offer ball & club data just not to the extent of the GC Quad. The Bushnell unit will be more or less GC Quad lite. I wonder when Trackman will get into the lower end consumer market.
  5. Checked it out on Callaway website. Pics look like a club I could put in the bag. $399 is a little steep for a hybrid though. Depending on the reviews I might spring for the 21 degree. Maybe pick up the 18 degree on CPO in the spring. Not sure about the higher lofts though. Personally that may be too much loft to look down on at address. Very interested though.
  6. I broke down & did the pre-order. I do not mind the thickness of the top line at all. As long as everything looks proportional to my eye it's fine. And these do to my eye. That's why I like my Apex 19's so much. To me If the top line is too thin then the heel to toe length starts to look too long & vice versa. It's all very subjective. I tried to like the PXG 0311P Gen 3's but in the end all I could think of when I looked down on them at address was the blade length was too long...
  7. The F9 was one of their best followed by The LTD & the Encore ZL. I still have all 3 but have recently switched to the TM Sim 2 Max.
  8. Got rid of the 3 wood years ago. After some testing I found that there was basically no difference in distance between my 5 wood & 3 wood. However I was more accurate & the ball flight was much better with the 5 wood. Was basically redundant to carry a 3 wood. In my case all the 3 wood was good for was ruining my round. A well struck 5 wood goes about 225 yards for me.
  9. I believe the original 0211 were a bit longer heel to toe. Loft also not as strong as the newer 0211.
  10. I have the 0311P Gen3 & 0211 DC. From heel to toe they are pretty close to being the same. Top lines are about the same as well. The soles on 0311P's are slightly smaller. For reference the are bigger than my Callaway CF19's are are very close in size to TM P790's at address.
  11. Actually reminds me of an updated Cobra King OS hybrid that came out in 2017. I still have it in the bag but will be ordering the new King Tec 4 Hybrid.
  12. I'm a lefty but I totally get why some OEM's make certain clubs in RH only. Generally just what they feel will be the most popular will be made in LH. Exceptions seem to be Ping & more recently PXG. Both of them make everything for both RH & LH. What actually annoys me more is when an OEM makes a set of irons in RH 4 thru AW & the exact same set for LH is 4 thru PW. Where is the lefty AW? Makes no sense whatsoever to drop that last iron in the set. Sorry but I want the matching AW that will gap correctly with my iron set.
  13. Dropped the 5 iron a few years back when I realized that I didn't really hit it well enough to keep it in the bag. Switched to a Cobra 24 degree 5 hybrid & mishits are not nearly as punishing & the gaping works out great with my Apex 19 6 iron at 26.5 degrees.
  14. Between 50 & 100 yards I use my 53 degree SW. Under 50 yards I use 60 degree LW. Use both for chipping depends on what I am trying to accomplish.
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