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  1. Has original headcover that was hardly used. Does not have original grip.
  2. For sale is an EvnRoll 2.1. Very good condition. 35 inches. Two minor scratches - one on the face and one on the back. Both visible in pictures. They do not affect play. $200 shipped. Only trade interest would be a Mizuno ST-X 3 wood.
  3. I’ve got 6: Cobra Driver, Wishon 3 Wd and PW-7 Srixon Utility Iron Mizuno 6-4 iron Ping Wedges Evnroll putter
  4. I have always been 52 - 56 - 60. But last year I decided to try 50-54-58. Found out I hated the 54 because I would always chip with the 56. It’s crazy how much 2 degrees makes around the green. So now I’ve ditched the 54 and have a 50-58-64 line up.
  5. Watched this video and went and hit range balls. I highly recommend! I was sitting too far back into my heels and hitting shots more on the balls of my feet and feeling my hips over my heels was an instant help. I feel like there is room now to turn.
  6. I got ya but I’m not in denial about the facts. It’s been a rule since golf was created.. I’d like for it to be changed but realized it won’t. Maybe if it was JT or DJ in a divot on 18 at the Masters on a Sunday that led to a losing bogey that would start the conversation. But until then I’m sure it’s not remotely on the USGAs radar.
  7. I tried out the MTB Black this season. For some reason it would balloon on me only with a driver. I don't have some crazy swing speed but it just felt so soft.
  8. No. I am making light of fact that its a penalty if you drop from shoulder height vs knee height now to show how some the rules of golf are laughable. It was not directed at the person I was replying to. I still think having to hit out of a divot made by someone else is a bad rule... but I do it anyway.
  9. This is great! Never thought about a longer grip to allow you to grip down more. I might give it a go for all my irons. I don’t think I would like it for my driver and 3WD. Thanks for this!
  10. Maybe worst rule in golf was a bit dramatic since there are some pretty dumb rules... but I also think playing from a divot made by someone else is pretty dumb. It’s literally ground that is under repair but not in the sense GUR is written. I get that it’s one of the first original rules of golf and probably won’t be changed. Just my opinion. Make sure you drop from knee high when you find the flower bed next round... lol
  11. +1 with the Glides. Switched from Vokeys and haven’t looked back.
  12. Anyone play mid/oversized grips on wedges only (50-60 degrees)? Thinking about trying it out but wanted to see if people noticed a major difference having two sizes of grips in the bag.
  13. I feel like this rule is too easy of a change for the USGA, which means they will mess it up. I just don’t see the point of making people play out of a man made hole in the ground. The people saying “hit the ball first” are probably the same people who complain after chunking or blading a shot out of a divot. This is easily, in my opinion, one of the worst rules of golf. If your ball is on dirt or sand in the fairway from a man made golf swing then you should be able to move it. So dumb.
  14. I’ll try out a Pro V and see. Sounds like we had similar experiences because there was not issue with the irons. Only driver (haven’t used a three wood yet).
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