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  1. Any one looking to sell there’s? I fear mine doesn’t have much life left in it and haven’t found anything I like more than this.
  2. Bag is absolutely amazing!!! If you could, please post more pics of that futura please!
  3. UPDATE 10/30/20: Hey guys!, After the Covid shortened spring season I made the difficult choice to potentially end my collegiate golf career and transfer to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. This was extremely difficult but Miami is fantastic school and have loved my time here so far. I am currently on the Club Team here and my goal is to walk on to the NCAA team in the fall of next year if my game keeps improving. My bag has seen some small changes since I started this thread so thought i'd update ya'll! Driver: Taylormade SIM W/ Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 7X 10.5 (Lowered to 9
  4. Any idea who makes those Iowa alignment stick covers and headcovers, they are sick!
  5. USKG Ultralight 60" Taylormade SpeedBlade Callaway Apex Pro '16 Taylormade P750 Ping I210 Mizuno MP-20 MMC (Current)
  6. Awesome bag man! Love everything top to bottom! Country Club Elite is good as long as you have a good flat area to place it on, a bit pricey but your wrists and elbows will thank you!
  7. nsgolfer17

    Vokey SM8

    Ordered them through my coach at school about 3 weeks ago.
  8. nsgolfer17

    Vokey SM8

    They're in the bag! Loving them so far
  9. These bad boys came in! Played them the past 2 days and they are already rusting up nicely! Will post more feedback as I get more rounds in.
  10. nsgolfer17

    Vokey SM8

    My Raw SM8's arrived at my school yesterday, we just got our spring break extended due to the corona madness! Going to drive down to pick up some clothes monday so have an excuse to get my wedges lol! Will post pics once I have them in hand.
  11. Update: Finally been able to get in some good work prepping for our spring season! Going to be ordering some Raw Vokey SM8's with TI S400's 50F,50S bent to 55, and 60M as soon as they're available! Probably also going to get an HMB MP-20 4 Iron as I want something a little hotter in the 4 iron. Also just picked up a tour issue 1.0P X Traxion that i've been looking to find forever; but just started to feel really comfortable with my X Traxion Pistol GT 1.0, so holding off on changing for now!
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