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  1. I’m playing 2022 ChromeSoft (only one round so far) and even with my slower SS (95-96 with driver) I enjoyed it. Good check in to greens with scoring irons, flew straight with driver and auditory “click” off a milled putter was better than before. Only part I struggled with having previously played CSX was greenside chips didn’t really check as fast or as much as I was accustomed to seeing.
  2. WorldWideGolf shops sent out an email this morning stating ordering for Ping 2022 bags was available? Didn’t see much difference
  3. It’s not the on the retail sales sheet so doubt it.
  4. We have 8am tee time tomorrow for North. Have two opens spots. Anyone interested in joining? Course is in grow in conditions so it’s going to be great shape
  5. They were special release in Japan last year. Nothing I saw says they’d be released here
  6. retail name is TD LS but since it’s the only one coming to retail just saying TD makes sense.
  7. OP I hate you right now. That is the best insert Odyssey every created. Had one a while ago and wished I could have access to have it added to my putter now.
  8. So what was his reasoning for saying all Callaway drivers go left for him if he was hitting pretty nice fades except for the two he stepped on and pulled?
  9. Considering poster joining just to post that message I’m thinking you won’t get photos
  10. Clarification - Mavrik and it’s predecessor Rogue didn’t offer a model with a sliding weight so there was nothing to get rid of. The sliding weight was offered in GBB Epic (2017) models and later in Epic (2019) and epic flash (2021) models which still is a current top model offering for 2022
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