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  1. No ID band. Putter is 34” and does come with a stock stroke lab headcover
  2. Are you talking about the black with green lettering versus the pvd finish? It’s been stated before that they’re the same shaft but the upcharge is for pvd finish. Also it’s been stated before that the “hulk” name and design are only specific to the small batch 6.5TX shaft which is only offered via custom upcharge or via aftermarket build with PFC dealers.
  3. Yeah depending on the color, it means lie angle is upright or flat.
  4. Anthony Taranto, Callaway pro tour club guy mentions that he doesn’t remove paint on the wedges he does. He just paints over them with the new color. He’s stated before that testors paint from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby works just fine. He also uses needle paint bottles like the kind offered on Amazon.
  5. i'll check when i get home. Left the putter at home boxed up.
  6. Picked this up recently but didn't beat out my Toulon Chicago. Asking $225 shipped to lower 48 states. Plays to 34" I believe. Yes stroke lab shaft is rotated to label up but with the type of hosel installed, it's an easy fit for buyer to have remedied. Only willing to trade for G410 head only or G400 MAX 10.5
  7. I wish I had access to that store for 15 minutes again.
  8. given that it was a CC, i'm surprised that they didn't tell you that upfront since they are normally very good about that type of thing. Your best bet would be to reach out to KBS or even dropping by in person to the KBS Experience shop in Carlsbad. Great group of people and their club builder Jason does great work .
  9. So just saw you are in SD too. Did you go to the one off Jimmy Durant in Del Mar?
  10. Post a photo of the hybrid shaft you have a a compare to the proto shaft listed here. https://kbsgolfshafts.com/shop/tour-graphite-hybrid-prototype/ here are the specs from TM website for green label
  11. It’s been hell past couple months trying to get out. If you are set on playing that day, prebooking is the only way to make sure you’ll play because tee times are booked weeks out.
  12. Well that depends on whether you actually were fit to the hybrid proto version or the oem version that comes stock in TM gapr (black/green label) or Callaway mav pro (black/red label). The proto version is usually an upcharge for any OEM. I’ve found that if the weight ends in _0g then it’s the oem version while the proto ends in _5g.
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