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  1. I’m confused, if the mystery phil club is a hybrid how is Phil using a Ventus red in it?
  2. Looking to sell my LS 9.0 head. Specs sticker says 9.2 actual loft. 57* lie. 194.1g without adapter. CT is 248. Can add smoke rdx blue 60 6.0 or GP 6s for additional monies if buyer is interested asking $800 shipped
  3. they already cut the rough at torrey south this week but some parts are still long and thick
  4. They are doing shuttles from UCSD parking structure as well as offering parking for a fee at glider port. Since there’s only one entrance regardless of how you get there, you’ll enter from same gate. You’ll have to walk across the property to get to the merchandise tent / driving range seating
  5. Check out petco park if the Padres are in town or even just to check out the park at the park. Coronado beach is a must as well.
  6. Nothing like checking the ego at Mt. Woodsen and laying up off the tee because you're not sure of the bounce. Always a fun time there.
  7. Looking to move my new unhit Epic Speed TD LS 10.5. Comes with spec sticker. Shaft is GP 6s playing at 45”. Shaft has green dot adapter. Asking $975 shipped
  8. If you have a regional rep, reach out because I think speed TD and TD Ls are still available for purchase at retail level just not in 8.5*
  9. And the new darker shaft is different from the previous versions of the stroke lab right?
  10. Big difference between Maderas and other two courses. Maderas is more “high end” daily fee with limited membership while singing hills is more muni daily fee with two good courses with some good holes and some horrible holes but a fun time regardless. Maderas greens are probably bette right now condition wise but the county is doing spring aeration right now so conditions are subject to change
  11. Finally saw one today in person and you aren’t kidding about that camber. Looks great though and definitely great club for a player that fits it’s design.
  12. This is correct. H was heavy. L was light and + was grooves
  13. Any Chance you’ll be down here for the us open at Torrey?
  14. Looks like they’ve been removed from the website now
  15. but they aren’t letting any be sold. Can’t add anything to the cart.
  16. dang those got pulled quickly. I was in the middle of ordering when it got cancelled.
  17. I played three weeks ago and a riding spectator was allowed.
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