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  1. Hello all, I have a Fujikura Speeder Evo ii 661 X flex shaft I recently purchased new. It's been cut (no tipping) to somewhere between 44 1/2" -- 44 7/8" playing length. Includes like new Golf Pride MCC +4 grip. This shaft was used at exactly two range sessions and looks and plays as new. Callaway tip. $125 plus shipping. Please get in touch with any questions. thanks!
  2. "It's only a matter of time until (Finau/Rahm/ Rickie/ Hovland (?), et. al.(-- Insert any hot young gun or ATM 'underachiever' who is featured in coverage") he will take that big next step and secure his first major. "Right, and you know once they get that first one, the floodgates will certainly open to many more"
  3. Well, depends what you are looking for. But in any case, with the i20 being a fixed head, experimenting with shafts could get really expensive. I'd honestly pay $100 to be properly fit. Test what else is out there against yours. There have been enough improvments in drivers since the i20 came out (2012?) that it won't feel like an unnecceary upgrade, most likely. Or, stick with you have if it's working for you. Best of luck in the search.
  4. I feel ya. Played the i20 until last year (even replaced one after the internal faceplate cracked). Loved the look, feel, and sound/ That said, after comparing the numbers on trackman against last year's models, the reduction in spin and subsequent advantages that I got with the Epic Flash SZ was enough to justify moving on. Maybe they'll be in that price range you mentioned soon enough.
  5. Reeks of propaganda. No one remotely in TW's statosphere as far as star power on Tour. He's in favor of a rollback, no? Who signs your checks?
  6. So, by your logic, prohibiting usage of the phrase 'you can't say' would also violate the first amendment, at least as far as you interpret it. No? In either case, it doesn't. And fwiw, the 'Amanda gets more interviews from players than PK cuz she's got a rack' contention is another gem. Baseless BS. That darn "me too" movement. Sorry some of you are finding it more difficult to openly objectify women as a result of it.
  7. "I doubt very seriously if the story is accurate." That's you.
  8. Have someone who knows what's what check your fundamentals. Then, just go make any necessary adjustments on the practice green and tinker until you find something that helps you make more putts. Confidence is key. You don't have to knock yourself out doing drills for 3 hours a night to be a decent/good putter. Just find something repeatable that works and stick to it, until it doesn't. But yeah, perhaps you need to focus on speed/lag putting and putts from 5 ft. and in, roughly. And don't worry about the 15 footers not falling, unless you are missing those by 5+ feet on the reg. Putts p
  9. Adore the grind on my low bounce 58, but I was fitted for/to it. Versatile and forgiving. Generally play in firm/tight condition. Always played low to mid bounce Mizunos lobs, but the sole grind on the RTX 4 was pivotal.
  10. Context is everything and I believe what you describe to be accurate for your locale. But let me assure you that is not a universal de facto reaction and/or justification for phsycial retaliation. One riff on the matter goes something like this: In NYC the phrase "Hey, F You", under common circumstances, is merely interpreted as "Hey, what's up." In LA/SF a generic "Hello" is quite often nothing more than a passive-aggressive way of telling someing to "F__k OFF".
  11. Actually,sounds like you are more 'morally' opposed/offended by a certain profane insult than violence itself.
  12. The US created a Ryder Cup TASK FORCE for chirssakes, and it wasn't because they were winning. And yet you choose to chastise the non-US teams for placing too much emphasis on these events? I'm loving this preemptive dismissal of a potential International win---just attribute it to the fact that team USA treats the PC with the PROPER amount of effort, attention, and respect it merits... no more, no less. That's more pathetic than blaming a RC loss on course set-up.
  13. Can you direct me to the post where someone was arguing for jail time/legal action for players who commit pass interference, or improving your lie? By the way, framing a pitch in baseball is not a rules infraction.
  14. So...cheating is acceptable in golf, unless/until you're penalized for it?
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