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  1. 4 hcp playing P7TW 5,8 before i got the TW's so blades will lower your hcp for sure
  2. i'm always get fitting when im buying new stuff, and the clubmaker probably did something when i just changed the head from M3 to the Sim. Because it felt pretty similar when hitting the club. Now i see the orders coming in all over WRX with new stuff. Do i have the patient to wait late march to get fitted for the new stuff. I see now about the weigthing that i should wait. Even though i will use the same shaft most likely. But then i will get a more proper fitted head for my swing. Hate snow!!
  3. When you have a shaft you like in the driver. Do you only change the head and use the same shaft you had your great success with. You guys order drivers direct without fitting. Is it your trusty Tensei orange Ck that goes straight in the new TSi2 without testing or fitting?
  4. Have to wait until march, april to get fitted for this. Need to see ball flight. But from the reviews it looks like this gonna be my next and first ever Titleist driver.
  5. Whats the pros and cons on the milled sole?
  6. Hey, Do you game your Method 006 or is just living in the box? I can get my hands on a new one with plastic still on the head, but i want to game this bad boy? Or is that a big No No?
  7. What would be the retail for a custom build like that? And how BM compared to custom Artisan?
  8. I still game this bad boy when i still havent find a good enough replacement. Heard it´s only the putter that can be 3 years or older in the bag
  9. I need to use my Vapor HC on my Epic so the wifey dont notice that i bought a new driver.. Is that ok :)
  10. I ordered mine today Epic with Oban Devotion shaft. Average +5mph ball speed, Trackman Just wait for the snow to melt....
  11. I have a set on the way. Im still a little sceptical, but my club maker guy say i will like them compared to my PC´s. Looking forward to next week. But it looks like im not gonna play until a couple of weeks because it did arrive snow last night. Thank you Norway :(
  12. Thanks. Bring back som good memories. Did we like the Nike Mock shirt? Think i´m gonna take mine out on sunday :)
  13. I also have mine VR pro hybrid. Haven´t fined a reason to change it yet.. Great old club.
  14. Is Rickie still the one hit wonder or is he here for the top for a long time? GO Rickie!
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