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  1. I would also recommend a higher lofted driver at least a 12*.
  2. Not questioning your recommendation - just trying to understand - with the face pointed at the target and your set up open, how can the face be pointed at the target and at the same time be square to an open stance?
  3. I use Ping set PW 45 & UW 50 - Glide SW 56. Use the 56 for most everything around the green. I have found using only one club around the green is less confusing and by using only one, it helps make you better - works for me.
  4. To me, Vokey wedges, e.g., 47* 50*, 52*, etc. feel like I am hitting blades and I am accurate with those and get good height into the greens. I use Mizuno blades in the PW thru 9 with similar results. That's why I started using blades in the higher lofted clubs - they just don't seem that difficult to hit and I like the way they feel better than GI irons. Six and 7 iron is a dual muscle Mizuno which I don't really consider a blade. Anything higher than 6 iron I use hybrids.
  5. duff

    Best Wedges 2019?

    My vote goes to the Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2. For me, it just feels right.
  6. Sounds like a great evening. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I would like to find some for $39.95 just to see what they are like off the irons and around the green - other than Titleist, I can't find anyone that has them and direct from Titleist they are asking $43 plus $5 shipping - no thanks.
  8. > @ChipNRun said: > I haven't, but I've seen it in other bags. > > Our course sometimes hosts the area Players Ability Test for PGA certification. A couple of years ago I played with a young club pro who was practicing for his PAT. > > He carried a driver, 2H and 4H as his long clubs. On our two shorter par 5s (511 and 519 yds.), he had the distance to put his 2H and 4H shots on the greenside fringe. (These are both uphill approach shots). > > With the 2H he could hit anything from a stinger to a high cut. He said hybrids were easier to flight than FWs, and he
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