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  1. Ping rep did not allow me to send the clubs back to them and have the swing weight adjusted at my own cost. Anyhow in a post above by Negncic it is stated: "I just had the opposite experience with Ping. I purchased a G425 hybrid from the BST here. When I received the hybrid, the head felt a little heavy to me so I called Ping for the specs. I spoke with the rep and I told him that the head felt heavy to me. He offered and sent me 2 lighter weights for the hybrid with no charge." To me, it seems that their service is erratic and not consistent - as it used to be - and their employees are not properly trained or someone is just lazy, if you claim "...Ping wouldn't just sell you weights? They've never done that." and here Negncic has just posted he had the exact opposite experience.
  2. This is a service Ping has always offered (also lie and loft adjustment for irons, wedges and putters). I have recently experienced similar issue with Callaway and they were perfect.
  3. It is right. The sales person asked the rep to buy a couple of extra weights and the rep told the sales person that they cannot sell weights and this is against their internal policy. Sales person asked the rep to to send the clubs back to be adjusted and the rep said "we don't deal with that kind of stuff". Anyhow, I sort it out buying the weights on-line as suggested here, but very disappointed by what Ping rep said and the lack of after sales customer service.
  4. G425 FW and HY. The products delivered were perfect and did not have any damage and they had the exact specs I ordered. After tried them, I realized I wanted a heavier swing weight and I asked an adjustment and was happy to pay any cost. Anyhow, I have just followed Nixhex524's suggestion and bought a few weights, which will be delivered shortly.
  5. No. I bought them in a large golf store and the store manager contacted the rep.
  6. Thanks for your advice. The issue is the lack of care for a client and not offering anymore a proper after sales service. Or worse an employee with no knowledge of their custom service policy.
  7. That is the answer from the area sales rep.
  8. At the request to send the clubs back to have the swing weight adjusted the answer was "we don't deal with that kind of stuff, we have our policy and we won't change it".
  9. They refused to send them to their retailer, who showed me their message.
  10. Ping has weights for their driver from 14 g. to 35 g. and for FW/HY from 4 g. to 22 g. (both with a three grams step). If I need to add six grams and have a 17 g. weight installed, they will only have to install the 22 g. one. Not very complicated and it should be pretty precise.
  11. Ping refused to sell the weights. I managed it with lead tape, as you suggest, but it is six grams to add and it is lots of tape. Anyhow, it you need to have a lighter swing weight, the problem will still remain. Do you know where I could buy the weight? Thanks.
  12. Just find out that Ping is not offering at all a swing weight adjustment for their woods and hybrids as an after sales service, because they "do not deal with that kind of stuff" - I did not ask it for free but happy to pay any cost they would charge. Ping used to take care of their clients and to put in their hands the best fitted clubs, but now their policy is not to offer an after sales specs adjustment service and they "won't change it". So once a club has been sold, if it does not fit the client, he/she will have to keep it or buy another one. Or buying a competitor club, whose producer offers a proper after sales service (based on my experience Callaway does and for free).
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJZa-PMFi4L/ Picture of new FJ Premiere.
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