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  1. I wish they would get the yellow in stock. Been OOS for a looooong time.
  2. Same here. That's where my SS is at, wondering the same!
  3. Fred Couples plays the Tour B RXS, BUT swings faster than 105 mph. Isn't it weird that one of Bridgestone's major staffers contradicts the messaging of the product?
  4. Got mine...overnight delivery took 2 days, but whatever. GORGEOUS clubs. I bought them sight unseen, after playing 565 and 785...love them. No regrets. But, the badge on the back moves a bit when I apply pressure with my thumb, but they all do it, so prob supposed to? Nobody has mentioned it, that I've seen anyway, so I thought I'd post...if you have the ZX5 can you have a look? Thx!
  5. I've ordered my last two sets directly from Srixon. This time I ordered through discount dans and saved a few bucks. Customer service won't talk to me because I'm not the actual buyer. I'm trying not to drive discount dans crazy by asking them again. it's not the end of the world unless it's going to be a 2 month delay or something, then I would change my grip order
  6. Anybody take delivery of a set with Golf Pride Midsize Z-Cords yet?
  7. Any updates on the delays due to Golf Pride? I ordered Midsize Z Cords, apparently that is delayed. Not sure what other GP grips might be involved
  8. Playing a Maltby 19* hybrid at 38.75 and matching my iron shaft. Very promising, no draw bias.
  9. I only know of the Z Cord Midsize. Said likely 4-5 business days to get in stock.
  10. Discount Dan's emailed today...mine are held up due to Golf Pride delays. I went with Midsize Z Cords.
  11. Discount Dans on 12/29. Can't believe they haven't shipped yet. Many sets ordered after me have shipped!
  12. Does anybody know if the ping tour shaft in staff is anywhere around a 6.0 in flex?
  13. Ditto. Ditto. I don't know. Definitely happening though.
  14. I hit my G400 Max with a Ping Tour shaft in X Flex very well. Should I be using the same flex in my 5W? I've heard differing opinions, what do you guys say? Some say go softer, same say same. Most PGA tour guys are the same, I'd say. Does anybody have the specs on the Ping Tour shafts? I will not be able to get fitted before purchasing...thanks for your help!
  15. Interesting thread. This is my last decision to make in my bag. Fitter recommended 17 degree fairway, with a shaft with a flex of 6.0 at 42.5". Thinking a G425 Max 5 wood with a Ping Tour shaft in Stiff might be the ticket!
  16. Custom build or stock build? Thank you
  17. I ordered from DD on 12/29. Was told 3-4 weeks. Srixon told me Wed of this week that stock builds are shipping now, and custom builds were being built now, and we should receive around Launch Date, which is the 15th. I paid for overnight freight. That may have not helped at all...we shall see.
  18. Yes, I tried to order a 50 degree CBX 2 Black Satin in S400...same thing. Mid March.
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