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  1. ive had tons of range time and just general practice time with this is wedge. It is so good. So so good
  2. anyone try the crossover with a steel (DG 120) Shaft??
  3. yes you should quit golf forever
  4. having the same problem. I hit the irons flush almost any time yet can't hit the Driver worth a damn Following
  5. soft feeling wedges. Look amazing. A bit shorter than others with the same loft. Lob wedges are easy to flop. Great overall
  6. Long irons are so easy to launch it's a joke.
  7. this. Feel VERY similar. A little lighter that's about it when i compared them.
  8. these look a little big to me. Is the 60 hard to flop or lay open because of the size?
  9. for me the i210 were longer, more forgiving and much easier to launch. The 18 feel amazing though but out of my pay grade for sure
  10. Not sure. I found the tensi to launch much easier to feel better.
  11. any pics of the Black ER5???
  12. i m liking the look of these. could match 210 irons flawlessly
  13. good luck - these are unicorns of Irons espeically a set in good shape! Been looking myself
  14. im going to try them again this weekend. the 4 iron is on back order from cobra so I'd have to find a 4-W set somewhere. I for one love the AMT shafts
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