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  1. What's the deal re: SIM2 lie angle? I thought in its standard position, it was as flat as anything/same as past TM drivers at 56*?
  2. Did they use that crummy frosted finish that Callaway likes to use that wears terribly? Why move from the usual satin/chrome combo they do so well.
  3. Rest In Peace. Following Stratton’s progress from his proud father will forever be one of my favourite things about this site.
  4. There's no hiding the fact that one is "made for".
  5. I'm just having a tough time with the price for a Cobra product. In Canada, it's more expensive than T100, Mizuno JPX 919 Tour, and the P7 range from TM.
  6. Maybe you're misunderstanding what I mean. For instance, years ago, we used to have a Speeder that said "made for Titleist" on it, and the Diamana series and countless others. In those cases, Titleist asked them to make a shaft for their driver, and at the time, the shaft manufacturer would not be selling that shaft in their catalog. It then caused both Titleist and the shaft mfg grief and really got the "made for" argument where it is today where people always bring it up. Have prices changed that much? No. Have margins changed that much? Don't have access to OEM books to see their tr
  7. I like that people have bought into this way of thinking. The shaft companies and the OEM's work together, thus how many "new" shafts you see come stock/free of charge in a brand new driver launch. They then list it for a ridiculous amount aftermarket, to give the appearance of a high-value shaft where any aftermarket sales they make are gravy. It's so obvious, they got asked "is this a real deal shaft?" for so many years, that this is the answer and path of least resistance.
  8. FCG, just saw Zach J Johnson using it, but didn't catch a picture.
  9. Agreed, the feel and sound of the EF SZ fairway is nothing like the driver.
  10. I find it very interesting that there is all this about Vijay, and Luke List and Chris Kirk have just won the past two KFT events.
  11. I just don't get the act. Right around the time he had said he doesn't practice, he was the only pro left on the range at Hamilton GC in way too much rain to practice comfortably, just grindin. You look at most great athletes, they are proud to be the ones who work the hardest. For some reason, Brooks seems to think its cool to play it off like he doesn't have to? When clearly he does. It's strange.
  12. Laughing @ the responses in here saying yeah, heavy and 40 inches! That isn't short at all. The Sim MAX he was testing was 2 inches short. I'm wondering if that would not bode so well for nearly every other hybrid on the market, but the stock lie angle of the SIM Max is 2 degrees higher than most others on the market.
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