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  1. Thank you for the responses. Looking forward to adding another Cobra club to the bag! Have a great weekend.
  2. Good morning, Anticipating the success of your new putter lines, do you plan to invest more in putter customization? Will customers be able to order their custom specs (i.e. 33"/68*) along with different shaft/grip options? Will we be seeing more 3D printed steel heads like the Supersport-35?
  3. Interested in the feel comparisons between your two putters. I'm assuming the SIK Sho feels better due to being a solid, stainless head whereas the Cobra is an aluminum insert.
  4. National Custom is 3D printing steel, Cobra is 3D printing nylon. Cobra is 3D printing the "nylon lattice cartridge", not the face.
  5. Edit: I was looking at the photo incorrectly.
  6. Cleveland CG1 Black Pearl
  7. Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 crescent neck has moderate toe hang. https://bettinardi.com/collections/2020-inovai-6-0-series/products/inovai-6-0-crescent-neck-mallet-putter Shape is a little easier on the eyes.
  8. I read somewhere that he went back to the micro hinge because he was having issues with distance control.
  9. Had the microhinge insert in play during the tournament. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/jon-rahm-of-spain-lines-up-a-putt-on-the-sixth-green-during-news-photo/1319103801
  10. Cobra King Tours look and feel great. Played 5-6 rounds with a buddy's copper set while I waited for mine to arrive. Copper looks cool, chrome looks clean (and smaller). Copper finish started to show wear pretty quickly. Definitely happy I got the chrome finish. Feel is fantastic. Very soft feel on good strikes.
  11. Convert using Japanese Yen, not RMB. Should be around $3,700 USD
  12. With pink seersucker shorts AND a white belt.
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