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  1. I’m not too fused about it, but you are right it does make it difficult for someone who does mind. it’s surprising that the marketeers haven’t come up with a funky design which looks good whatever the setting.
  2. I hate seeing a logo on the grip. But I only look at my hands and the club head, so the bit in the middle gets ignored.
  3. For a while I was using; Driver - 915 D3 3 wood - 915 F - 16.5 Titleist 716 AP2 3 iron - bent 1 degree weak 5 - 9 iron (5 iron bent 1 degree strong) Vokey 46 50 54M 56S 60M The 54 was for chipping and the 56 for bunkers. It might have worked had the AP2’s not been dreadful
  4. Ok, so what’s your perspective on this then?
  5. Vokey SM7 Titleist 716CB irons 46 - 50.08 - 54M - 60M (bent to 59) Dynamic Gold S400
  6. No, you seem to be using my comments to push your own issues. I was talking about the effort made by the players who cared about making it something. If it helped their careers in the process then great, good luck to them. Thats all. From what I have read, it didn’t make a profit until the tv rights came in. We all know that it would be pulled if that was still the case.
  7. Maybe, but it would not still exist if didn’t make a profit.
  8. Either would work. He had an out, but has chosen another path. Personally I think it’s a little disrespectful to those who have made the Ryder Cup what it is today.
  9. It’s great that he is so honest (Brooks) because it’s more interesting than the standard media trained rubbish. But, he may look back on this with a bit more life experience and he think he should have just kept quiet and sucked it up for a week.
  10. 1988 Open - Seve in full flow, Price flushing it, Couples with an outrageous run on the front nine. It’s the one that got me hooked on golf.
  11. It’s definitely not an urban legend, some players are better suited to match play. The European commentators have often spoken as to how Montgomery, Westwood, García and even Poulter putt better in the Ryder Cup. It’s different mentally as well, you can play great and loose, or terribly and still win. It’s finding a way to do what you need to do to get the result.
  12. It has the potential to be an exciting week. USA are stronger on paper as individuals. Whereas the European team maybe has a few more match play specialist and natural pairings. The foursomes will be key for Europe, if the US team get parity or better in the mornings, it will be tough for us.
  13. Yes Els was involved in the changes, it was needed as it use to get so wet in places. From memory at the time the other players were critical of the work that was done.
  14. It’s massively over rated and expensive. Sunningdale is much better.
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