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  1. Bye

    MB/CB combo to GI

    I second this, there is a trade off with the larger head clubs especially if you like to flight the ball. I had the same issues with a set of AP2’s, side slopes were the worst. Swapped to CB’s but still wish I had put in the MB’s in the shorter clubs. Remember, form is temporary...
  2. Interesting video, it would have been nice to see a batch of numbers with each club to see how consistent the distances were with each version. And what happened with the miss hits, did the spin drop off. It’s always my worry with the wider soled / high launch low spin clubs, one odd shot creeps in where the spin drops off. The knuckle ball that goes 10 yards too far at the wrong time is one too many.
  3. I can relate to that, my dad was a farmer so we didn’t see him for 3 months of the year, he would then be off playing golf both days of the weekend in the winter. My mum has had horses for most of her life, she spent a lot of time looking after them. That’s what they love to do, and it was just normal as that’s all we knew. I carried on playing after my first child was born, my wife’s and her parents don’t really have hobbies so they would all go off doing something together while I was playing. Once my second child was born I stopped playing for 3 years. getting back in
  4. I prefer playing in October, the course gets firm and fast where I play in July, and the rough can be treacherous that time of year. Later in the year it’s softer and the rough is down, which suits my inability to hit a fairway.
  5. I have not tried the SM8 so it may be different, but I have had a few versions of the S. As good as it was around the greens, bunker shots, rough etc it was terrible for approach shots. Everything missed right, a friend had the same issue. I went M grind for 54 & 60. If I need a bit more bounce then I just lean the handle back a bit on the 54. The 60 is great from tight lies and wet sand.
  6. You are a legend, this is fantastic, thank you so much for posting this. It’s also really useful as my distance are very similar to yours. Reading the information about the 2021 models, I am concerned that the V1 now being the low spin version will be too low spinning for those shorter shots. And this information rules out left dash for me as well. Its normally windy where I play so being able to flight the ball down can help. Thank you again for taking the time to post this.
  7. I agree with the above. A friend of mine had a set of Srixon’s and had the same issue with the 4 iron. He went for the Srixon hybrid 4 iron which solved the yardage issue. A Titleist hybrid is a good shout as well, I just got one on eBay 818 brand new for £100. The 816 is a very good club too. Then throw in a 3/4 wood, loads of good options here from a few years ago. Can’t go wrong with a Callaway, Titleist 915 onwards
  8. If it’s really cold, like just above freezing, Trousers Waterproof trousers Base layer top - long sleeved Golf shirt Jumper/sweater Waterproof jacket If only the courses in the UK were open!
  9. I normally buy a few dozen of the balls I use when an offer is on, and stick to those exclusively, just helps a bit feel wise (probably all in my head). Club wise, I tend to go on what is happening on the course, and find this is the best way to test new gear. For some reason any club that I’ve bought from a fitting session has failed miserably.
  10. Some on course testing to be done, probably with all 3 versions.
  11. Butch was on the Sky TV Masters coverage and was asked hypothetically what would he do if JS cam for advice. He mentioned his grip and how narrow the downswing is. it must be time for a fresh pair of eyes on his swing.
  12. If you are struggling to get a mid launch shaft going at a decent height then it might be worth getting someone to have a look at the way you are delivering the club. You have plenty of speed there . Is it just 3 wood that you have this issue with?
  13. I play/practice a similar amount, mine are coming up 5 years old and I’ve only just replaced the original grips. Forged clubs, faces still have loads of life left in them. Probably due a loft/lie check though. It takes quite a bit to move an angle on a cast club, you should be fine.
  14. Yes it does, thanks again. Will probably give both a go and do some on course testing. all the best.
  15. That’s great, thank you fir this. Any idea spin wise? I have seen the video comparing X to left dash, but can’t find anything comparing V to the left dash. I don’t like the idea of the V being lower spin, but I can see why they made the change.
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