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  1. 3 iron for me, it’s just doesn’t fly quite far enough.
  2. Not me, 1) Titleist - Yes 2) Callaway - 3 wood & irons 3) Taylormade - 3 wood only 4) Cleveland - Wedges only (pre Vokey) 5) Mizuno - Irons & wedges 6) Cobra 7) Ping - 3 wood only I’ve never owned a Cobra club.
  3. I still think most of his problems were caused by his posture. He had so much weight on his heels before, his swing was just all arms. IMO the deep elbow was a symptom rather than the cause. #chain-reaction. It is great to see him back playing well.
  4. He was last week as well. Several drives I saw were at around 175. He has never been slow (ball speed) can’t say the same for pace of play though..
  5. The thinnest soled Vokey lob wedge that I can remember we’re in the SM4 and 5. The Vokey soles seem to have gotten wider cycle by cycle. Im not sure if Vokey have ever made an F grind in more than 56, and then it has 14 degrees of bounce. I have not seen one in person, but the TW Taylormade 60 looks to have a thinner sole than any of the Vokeys.
  6. Bye

    The Open 2021

    Fingers crossed for you. I was hoping to go this year as St George’s is by far the closet venue for me. As long as they play the championship, that’s all that matters for now.
  7. I agree with most of what you have said, particularly the part of players should put clubs where they need help. If only more people would do this. I am one of those players though who fits in to the 20/30 yards longer with a driver (carry). I know that I am not optimised with driver. It’s not a surprise to see these numbers, not everyone is suited to having a positive AOA with driver. Guys that hit it further than me off the tee are half a club to a club shorter with everything else.
  8. I would say no, you are probably good with your distance control due to the good spacing (partly anyway). The gaps with 5-6 degrees will be largish, probably around 4 to 4.5 yards per degree of loft.
  9. Bye

    The Open 2021

    It appears they are still intending to hold a “full scale” championship. It would be extremely disappointing if it is cancelled again this year. it is bad enough the courses have been closed for so long, we need something to look forward to. https://www.theopen.com/latest/2021/02/the-149th-open-championship-update
  10. That’s how they have always been. Go Lampkin Crossline if you want a proper corded grip.
  11. As we say over here, they are Marmite, you either like them or hate them. I posted on another thread, it was just meant to be a lighthearted rib, mainly because it was another thread about something that have been gone over a lot. Its a bit like the player that hooks a towel to a loop on their trousers/pants. Very practical, but not for everyone.
  12. I walk/carry, with a lightweight stand bag. My clubs are fairly well wedged in so they don’t move much. The group I play with don’t hang around. Like, I don’t take a practice swing kind of speed. Its just something else to think about loosing, and I prefer not to have them. If they were covered in paint then I might have a different view. If you like them, then go with it, doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Your clubs will look better than mine when they come to be sold on.
  13. Yeah just wrap your towel between them. Irons look better in the wild rather than captivity. They need a bit of character on them. My dad has a set of them, so there is little chance I will.
  14. Well, at least iron covers will become extinct.
  15. No, same ball whatever the weather, time of year etc.
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