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  1. I have played Pro V1 since it’s launch and loved it. But the new version is different. It’s far too soft, and flies differently to the old version, especially with the irons, it looks like it catches a flier from the fairway. So I tried the X, seemed ok to start with. But I just don’t get along with it. They go further with my irons, it’s about a half club different, which is not helpful. And they just want to go up, fine if you want to hit moon balls, but not if you want some control. For me, it’s time to try something different.
  2. I agree with point 1 here. a few hundred rpms more on your 4 wood would sort this out.
  3. The good news is there is time, and the core group are still young. Rahm, Hatton, Fleetwood, Rory, Fitzpatrick & Hovland gives us a good start. Maybe Sergio has one more in him & possibly Rose. We are somewhat in transition with Westwood, Stenson, Poulter etc possibly having played their last cup. It would be great if Kaymer, Pieters and and a few others could find some of their old form. Or some of the younger players really stepping up.
  4. My bad, was looking at the wrong player. It’s been a long week. Makes it even more impressive!
  5. I think it was just easier to hear than normal as there were so few European fans on site. The nonsense is usually drowned out a bit by applause. It’s not new, Monty suffered with it. Payne Stewart showed everyone what a class a the was that day in 99.
  6. The cough was at Kiawah - war on the shore. He also accused his opponents of ball swapping (same ball type rule). The year he played Lehman was not his finest moment.
  7. Love a BB, Playing a Tensei CK Blue in driver & 3 wood at the moment. I was using an Aldila shaft (like those too), but was happy to move back into something similar to a BB.
  8. The 5 wood would be easier to use, shorter shaft and weight distribution.
  9. I’m 50/50 on this, they are not going to slum it, and money is no issue. But I am sure they get a lot for free. https://www.sportico.com/personalities/athletes/2021/highest-paid-golfers-2021-sponsors-woods-mickelson-mcilroy-1234632139/ I heard a story that a former major winner gets over $1 million just from his hat sponsor. They all have “teams” now, it’s not going to be cheap to do things properly.
  10. Walk away Steve. Vindicated on your picks, and for your handling of the Reed situation. Being able to nullify the Brooks/Bryson spat. Knowing that your decisions and pairings were inspired, and that your understated humble manor allowed your team to shine. From the other side it was like watching a horror movie unfold from start to finish. However it was still possible to appreciate how effective the whole US team was and the level of play. Go out on a high. Roll on Rome!
  11. Is it Ade? Perhaps they should do a Vivian dachshund
  12. Playing him the foursomes would have been mind blowing, nearly as much so a pairing him with Phil in Pairs. I think Stricker is being massively under rated as a captain. I sense a Statler & Waldorf sketch playing out of WRX.
  13. It’s the other way round for me, driver is generally a weakness, so I tend to hit less off the tee unless driver is required. It depends where you play, my home course can get dry, and angles/position become more important. But if you cans can hit driver straight most of the time, then use it as much as you can. Work on these scoring shots.
  14. Perhaps he should have gone for the Bombay Sapphire instead.
  15. I’m not sure it quite fits the funky design part, but at least they made the effort.
  16. I’m not too fused about it, but you are right it does make it difficult for someone who does mind. it’s surprising that the marketeers haven’t come up with a funky design which looks good whatever the setting.
  17. I hate seeing a logo on the grip. But I only look at my hands and the club head, so the bit in the middle gets ignored.
  18. For a while I was using; Driver - 915 D3 3 wood - 915 F - 16.5 Titleist 716 AP2 3 iron - bent 1 degree weak 5 - 9 iron (5 iron bent 1 degree strong) Vokey 46 50 54M 56S 60M The 54 was for chipping and the 56 for bunkers. It might have worked had the AP2’s not been dreadful
  19. Ok, so what’s your perspective on this then?
  20. Vokey SM7 Titleist 716CB irons 46 - 50.08 - 54M - 60M (bent to 59) Dynamic Gold S400
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