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  1. Treat yourself to a very-lightly used Graphite Design AD XC-7 X-Stiff driver shaft. Titleist tip and plays standard length in TSi drivers. Very nice shaft just not the one for me. $230
  2. Thanks, guys. That's exactly what I wanted to know.
  3. I am traveling to Phoenix in May and staying at the Arizona Grand hotel. I am traveling with my family and would have time to squeeze in an early round during a week day. I am hoping someone can give me some information about the quality of the course and typical conditions so I can decide if it is worth it to bring my clubs on our trip. Thanks!
  4. > @masamitsu said: > I'll let you know. Playing a company event there tomorrow. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  5. Has anyone played Spring Valley recently? I am trying to squeeze in a quick round on Saturday and they have early morning tee times.
  6. Has anyone played Buffalo Run recently?
  7. These polos are great, I ordered one for my Dad and tried it on out of curiosity. Now I want one
  8. -Natural Hand Golf Shirt: Mid Dusk Heathered - Medium -Natural Hand 1/4 Zip: Halo - Large -Heathered Golf Short: Grey - 34
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