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  1. This is exactly the reason why I posted my concern then. This could have been me if I took too long to ask for an action. Money is no object its the trust you build in this forum that matters. OP i wish you the best of luck in getting the resolution you need.
  2. Does anyone know if the big box stores will have this?
  3. My whole point of me posting this is to alert members here of a “possible” scam. I could have kept quiet but I think its my obligation to let members know that this may happen to them. Take it for what it is or not take anything at all. To be clear, seller hasnt given an updated tracking info with the correct address. If seller gave me the wrong tracking number he could have given me the correct one right away. Also, paypal gives straight forward info about the buyer’s address. Paypal also asks you to supply the tracking info in order to for the funds to be released asap. If the seller was a PGA Superstore on which he sells items in volume then a mistake/error is understandable. I dont think the seller is selling golf items by volume to create a issue like this.
  4. I really dont see the point of this since I didnt make this error. As far as I know the item was not delivered to me and was sent elsewhere.
  5. Yes it is per tracking number and Usps rep.
  6. Let’s not even go here. if youre up front with everything I dont have to follow up if you sent it or not. I paid you in the 20th. Asked for an update on the 22nd and on the 23rd to which you answered you were busy with work and haven’t sent it. Understandable. But then on the 26th, I dm’d you again for an update to which you replied 4 hours after with a tracking number. I can post screenshots of our DM conversation to show that I have been patient with you. For you to send the item to an incorrect address and act cool about it. That smells a scam to me.
  7. Please explain the incorrect shipping address. No point of sending it to a different address other than what was in Paypal.
  8. Different address to whats in my paypal account. and i never requested it sent to a different address other than what is registered. Its for my protection and the seller’s.
  9. Beware of seller: goshoxgo Paid for a golf shaft (GD AD-DI) through paypal invoice but package was sent to a different address. Seller has yet to rectify issue. In the process of disputing transaction with Paypal. Sending this out to protect members here.
  10. Just wanted to know how report possible sale scam in the forum?
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