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    Reading your post on pic shown being premature and others here mentioning "699 re-design" can I ask if the current 699 & 699 Pro will have a different iteration this year or will they stay as is. Not implying a change is needed or warranted just asking per all the posts in thread.
  2. I liked the Steelhead Pros,Rogue Pros,and Mavrik Pros which I bought when they first came out. Keep the Mav Pros 4-6 months as I do with all my past 50 sets. Yes I have an iron problem,not Aunts,not birds,just irons. Anyway had stock Elevate 105 regular and like two previous Pros had a addicting feel when hit square. Fairly forgiving too. I imagine I will give this new iteration a spin. They do look good and seem larger than the T200s in the pics here.
  3. Nice shaft,as I mentioned I had them in Mavrik Pros and had no issues.
  4. What PXG irons are you thinking? Last 15 months owned Cally Apex 19 Project X Lz 105 regular (mizuno fitter recommendation was this shaft with HM Pro), PXG original 0211 with MMT 80 stiff SS once,Mavrik Pros Elevate 105 stock regular(whatever that is), current Ping G410 Steelfiber i95 reg and Takomo 201 KBS Taper Tip Lite 105 regular. Interestingly hit balls at PXG location for first time last week and focused on Gen4 0311 xp & p with Steelfiber i95 reg & stiff. Also few other shafts KBS TGI 80 ,Elevate 95,couple others. Guy knew I wasn't real intent on buying new set but checking joint out and he was great and maybe bored because he said "let's hit some" Had my G410 i95 & Takomo 201 6 irons with me. Gen 4 P was first choice but no way ready to dump that dough having never even got on course yet with Takomos. Best feeling and maybe fit out of all those tools ,if one can follow my babbling,were my Takomos. Next Gen 4 0311 P. Actually after all those fancy options the cheapest by far 2021 0211 with stock elevate 95 reg. were excellent in both feel and overall performance. FWIW my driver SS is around 90 with a quick transition that's finally slowing down. If there is a point to all this is unless the shaft difference is major ie DNGX100 vs A flex the ultimate playing difference for me I'm guessing is a few strokes (maybe) either way. That all said my little itch is maybe trading my expensive G410 FF i95 for 0211 with a stock steel shaft. Go figure.
  5. Not i210 but a very nice set of Ping G410 with SteelFiber i95 regular. 5-gap,Power Specs,Black dot. Will include a VG condition 35 in. TM Tour Black Spider with original headcover and original grip that was professionally removed to replce with a Super Stroke..
  6. Don't understand your reply. You say you already have your offers but for me to shoot you my reply? I did with the G410 irons with SteelFiber.
  7. Have a nice set of no uglies Ping G410,5-gap,Power Spec,SteelFiber i95 regular ,all from factory including the expensive SF shafts.
  8. Very clean set of 5- gap,Ping G410, 5-gap,PowerSpec lofts, expensive factory SteelFiber i95 reg. Can add TaylorMade Tour Spider Black,2 grips,original headcover ,DJ type.
  9. First time at the new PXG location and didn't go for the purpose of hitting the XPs but did along with the Ps. My HC suggests the XP however HCs are derived in different fashions and my short game has been inconsistant at best for 40 years but 50 years of nearly daily gym workouts and range time keep my ball striking pretty decent. The XPs (0311 gen 4) were surprisingly more low key then I imagined. Only hit 7 irons but could easily play the XPs however my aforementioned swing proved the P a better fit. That all said and just getting Takomo 201s along with my G410 with SteelFiber i95 in June the $2000 wasn't in the cards. Might add I bought the original 0211 with MMT 80 when they first came out and they lasted my usual 6 month iron longevity however the 2021 0211 are a very nice stick that I could easily put in bag.
  10. Take a look at the Takomo 201s both here ( I have posts) and many on YouTube . They reference the resemblance to the i210 except the 201 are termed "sexier" although I think the term for golf clubs is stupid,and forged with same metal as Miura irons. Jim Robinson may still have them in his bag after more than a month and he can play about anything. Also TXG along ith many other respected reviewers. I have a set with stock option KBS C Taper Lite which typically is an upgrade charge with most other OEMs. Their the real deal. I am casually thinking of swapping out my G410 with SteelFiber for some PXG Ps but the 201s aren't going anywhere.
  11. Offsets are typically so slight unless your talking certain SGI models they really shouldn't affect to a great degree anyone's skill. Assuming they have some. Now I know some models have such offset that their hard to look at and I don't feel my set of G410's that have issue. More than my Takomo 201' and certainly my original irons the MacGregor CF4000 (I know it's dumb to list these but couldn't resist).
  12. Can see reason for confusion. I was responding to thread title "irons nobody talking about" not the TEs addressed in some posts. The Takomo 201s look much different to say the least than the TE's but I am not knocking the playing forgiveness of the TE.
  13. Unfortunately their bought direct and fairly new (especially the 201)but having owned 50 iron sets have some experience and basis for comparision,mainly forged cb's. I wanted to try the 101 Takomos based on all the YouTube reviews. Ended up with the more player type 201's. Had them (4-p)on heated range 3rd time last week along with my G410 Steelfiber 5 & 9iron,and same with ZX5 and i210 5 & 9. Being basically a solid block of steel as far as I can ,tell their feel and performance are exceptional. NOT implying a comparison but the steel used is the same as with Muira. Both forged in the area.
  14. Don't know if it does or doesn't but it's my long experience (50 sets of irons since 1975 and who knows the drivers,putters,etc)that sometimes most "enhancements " or whatever term you wish to employ ever result in meaningful improvement. Personally to me it's a change in toys for for whatever reason I convince myself ie. looks,feel, different type brand ,etc.
  15. I checked offset numbers vs TM790,Under 70 699 ,699 Pro. 201's offset lower than those three FWIW.
  16. Had a chance to get to heated range today at Carl's Golfland because I had to determine if I was keeping the 201s or send back and wait for who knows when to get my original desire trading back for the more forgiving etc,etc 101s.. Had 5,7,9 of my G410 and grabbed a stock TM 790 steel and a Zx4 recoil. Long story short the 201s aren;t as long but only by a little as the TM 790s but FEEL way softer and as forgiving,at least today they were. That was just a last minute grab to relate to an iron 3 times the cost. Went thru 4-pw with the 201s. Obviously keeping. As I mentioned many times I have owned 50 sets plus of all type irons ,most forged,and all in all they are a pretty good bang for the buck. AS an aside I saw on YouTube Jim Robinson still had the 201s in his bag in a segment made yesterday. He still likes them after being in bag over a month and considering he gets irons offered him by about every OEM that's saying something.
  17. As mentioned I have only hit the 4,5,7,9 201 irons on range once (75 ball bucket)so far thus need a another session coming from G410s with SF to fully acquaint myself being different style sticks. Aside from actual course experience . Yes I saw good distance after a few swings. Better trajectory for sure. My comment here is that these seem to be basically forged from a one piece block of metal relying on design and not the "bells & whistles" of multiple materials ie. tungsten,foam,injections found in many of the expensive established offerings. Not knocking those being God knows I bought far more than my share. Just saying.
  18. Actually thoughts about dropping the g or a wedge in next set before I knew about the 201s. Seems I had begun favoring my PW and simply moving hand position. Since either the 101 or201s right now are sold only 4 thru PW I need to make room for the 4 assuming it stays.
  19. Sounds reasonable. After I submitted that post I still thought that probably sounds screwy so I'm glad you responded.
  20. Hit mine yesterday,4,5,7,9 irons. Hit some with my G410 first then Takomo 201 club for club. First few barely got off ground,LOL. I slowed my swing down and started hitting where I'm suppose to. You know when you miss meaning obviously they don't offer G410 forgiveness nor was that expected. Most noticeable aside from great looks and nice feel was the well hit balls seem to go straighter than well hit balls with G410 if that makes sense. One other aside was there were absolutely no ball marks nor mat marks on the soles or faces. That bodes well.
  21. Hopefully it warms up enough for me to try out at least the 7 iron of Takomo 201s I just got Friday 11/12. Beautiful irons that will stick around if the swing is up to it.
  22. Per my post I totally agree. FWIW aside from my current game set of G410s the only other set I have kept of those 50 I mentioned are my first set I bought used in 1975 the MacGregor CF 400 black faced blades. Can't believe how thin the soles are. Anyway the 201s topline are just a bit thicker than those old classics.
  23. I wanted the 101 originally being I felt ,having played more then 50 sets since 1975 , the 201s are now over my head. That still might be the case but having been thru pxg 0211,Maverick Pros,current G 410 ,since January I wasn’t getting anywhere trying to order the “safer” 101. They simply kept running out of inventory and on last try I had chance to order the one set of any iron in stock and it was the 201 . They had the KBS Taper Lite regular so I grabbed them. Box came yesterday and I was shocked to see that one end of box was almost totally ripped off however the double bubble wrapped irons were all in tact. Weather has been very nice in suburban Detroit however it turned colder and I want to Demo the irons at range before hopefully getting a round in if I find I want to keep these. After viewing all the TXG and Robinson reviews numerous times and the comments here having paid for these I don’t feel I need to pull any punches on any critique. For now I can only talk looks. Again having played everything from razor blade to shovel type irons over the years I have a pretty deep experience with various looking irons. These are indeed beautiful irons. Top line is nor as thin as the thinner type blades but certainly not thick. Frankly my eyes are not what they used to be but I don’t get comments about the offset as it is very minimal. Hope to put at least 7 iron to the test soon and knowing me I imagine the rest will follow. If I have doubts after that I may have some nice trade bait or simply send them back.
  24. Yep. Last few years the thinking has shifted for many to 5-g instead of 4-p . Stronger lofts probably has something to do with this along with the advancement of the “utility irons” and hybrids. Play G410 with SF 5-g and same set up with the MAv Pros and 0211 within last 12 months. Also the Apex 19. In all cases I found myself usually favoring a choked PW Vs the Gap except maybe on full shots of a certain distance but even then used only because it was there. Anyway for me as I approach mid 70s my issues are more in the longer shots. Just ordered the Takomo 201 which come 4-p and hopefully I get as much use out of the 4iron as I did a few years ago with my 545 4iron.
  25. Yes that seems so. I have had MMT 80 stiff soft stepped once in 0211 pxg bought summer of 2020 and as mentioned Steelfiber i95 in my g410’s. When I got those Pxgs MMTs just came out or at least I never saw any on any forums. Fortunately they worked out. Their stable as are SF. That all said the Kbs Taper tip lite was one of the reasons I decided to grab that last set of 201s yesterday. For myself I thought they played well in my 545s and back then they had just come out. I see why the lites are at the high end price wise for steel. I have come to like certain graphite however even at my advanced age I miss the weight of steel to help my swing stay in general vicinity of a proper plane.
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