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  1. What Ping driver G400 or G410-425? I have a G400 Max.
  2. Mavrik Pro stock elevate 105 regular (entertain optional shafts)stock LLL. Have some Vokeys for trade if prefered but to hasten thing simply offer to buy.
  3. Debating on going back to steel shafts following hip replacement. Any trade interest in 0211 5 thru gap, MMT 80 stiff soft stepped once, D4 swing weight, standard LLL,midsize PXG grips. Bought new in June 2020 played 3 partial rounds due to hip. Some range sessions.
  4. No proof nor do I really care if they do or don't ,but having owned more than a few Apex models along with others it seems their other models cover the various golfer segments. Less models = less production costs. I don't no a fact of course but it seems I see less and less X Forged compared to years ago.
  5. Good question. Have owned both but not at same time. Currently have I believe is the new one I use in my 400 Max.
  6. Regarding the question on the 0211 vs Apex 19. I bought new the Apex 19 with PX LZ 5.5 ,5 thru gap. Having owned close to 50 sets of irons it's amazing how similar they seem to become. Must be the swing,LOL. Most of those sets were probably forged player cbs but also 5 sets of Pings and various other typically highly rated sticks, including custom fitted 545s which are close to the current Srixon model you mentioned. Took seven weeks to get my PXG (ordered April 28) Thought I would try graphite for a change and the MMT seemed a new type shaft. Have 5-gap,MMT 80 stiff ,soft stepped once. Had t
  7. Over 40+ years of playing never went n for a training aids. The Orange Whip seems to make sense and is seen often in Pros and good players bags which says enough. The ads for Power Stick seems to make this out as similar to the Whip but with additional ( or a variation) help with lag. Any reviews on the aid?
  8. I have a 10-15 page handwritten letter along with drawn stick figures to illustrate the golf swing Hogan sent to a friend. I haven't looked at it in years but remember some interesting sidelights such as charging $5000 for a few days of instruction to a handful of guys. Back when written that was a lot of dough.
  9. Having owned close to 50 sets of irons since 1975,most in last 30 years and player type forged but really all types of OEMs, I think I qualify as having interest in equipment. That said you occasionally see a bygone WITB of a popular Pro in articles but I don't think the masses give a Frick (to use your term)about a glossary of enough to warrant the effort to research such a list.
  10. Any experience with these bags with wheels and pull out handle? I won a $275 Fusion Zero stand bag last year plus other older bags but due to back issues don't want to carry if possible even just to cart plus the bag room at CC is closed due to Covid-19. Simply want to wheel clubs from trunk to cart or trunk to range. I have seen the Spinner or whatever the name and remember the sales guy telling me it's not the greatest on carts (riding). My concern is the plastic wheels lasting at least a season. These aren't expensive as bags go but curious if these Datrek Transit carts with wheels hold up
  11. Nothing wrong or off base on a 90 mph driver SS with a 13HC. Believe 1/2 the BS you read on the forums on one's average driver distance. Valid acknowledged proved tests have shown most non pros believe their driver distance to be far greater than the reality of what the distances are..
  12. I read the BST rules under "hit close button". I am trying but obviously I am missing something. Where s the "close" button refered to?
  13. Meant to say all clubs not a club. My bad,LOL.
  14. There is an excellent article in today's email from MyGolfSpy on the state of the golf business both today and some projections for the future.
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