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  1. Mac O'Grady, Don Pooley, Bobby Watkins. 3 players in the group I was the standard bearer for at the 1989 US Open. O'Grady & Pooley were great. Watkins not so much. Mac & Don made a point of introducing themselves to me & the walking scorer on the first tee. Watkins never said a word to us. I guess he was too important to do that.
  2. I'm like you. I'm walking 9 holes & doing it with 5 clubs... Driver, hybrid, 9i, LW, putter Mark Twain: Great writer, lousy golfer
  3. Cashmere prices can fluctuate a lot from year to year. Maybe because of how much product is available?
  4. Any trail running shoe. Similar to golf shoes by function.
  5. This I agree with. US golf announcers seem frightened of silence. They feel compelled to fill the air with words as much as possible. Euro announcers come across as relaxed and without a sense of urgency to rush in with comments even when nothing needs to be said.
  6. Rabbit "I told you I don't eat rodents" ..Woody Allen's character to his cook in one of his movies
  7. Time travel to the 1975 Ryder Cup & leisurely stroll the grounds with the small gallery. I was there in 1975 & walked along side Tom Weiskopf as he watched other players play their matches. He seemed like a giant to me
  8. FJ Stratos has good heel (& good overall) cushioning. I've had heel pain with other shoes but not these.
  9. Style of shoe can be a consideration. I was told by a salesman that a "blucher" style of shoe would be best for my foot shape (thick, high & wide ).
  10. New Balance. Biggest selection of wide & extra wide shoe sizes than anyone else. FootJoy extra wide shoes are really wide & roomy. I'm a fan of the their Stratos shoe. It's $200 but seems to be worth it.
  11. FJ Stratos: They strike a nice balance between comfort & stability More like a traditional shoe than an athletic one (i.e.: soft) Not very stylish but not too ugly either
  12. I aspire to average. Some day.
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