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  1. G/Fore Daytona bag: Great stand bag that's easy to carry (Single or double straps available), works well on a cart, and looks really good. The bag gets compliments for its looks. I never had that happen before with a bag. I've tried many different bags over the years and the Daytona bag is the overall best bag for me. Sun Mountain is second best; Jones is third.
  2. Consistently hitting the center of the clubface is very underrated when achieving max distance. To that end, logic would seem to suggest that swinging a shorter club OR choking down results in greater consistency. It comes down to personal preference and/or feel. It's nice having the option to choke down for feel or to grip the club at the very end to "let out the shaft." Ken Venturi recommended gripping at the very end of the club with the pinky of the top hand off of the club in order to reduce tension in the grip & the swing.
  3. I was thinking that the 5H is longer & more versatile than a 5i but the 5i is easier to hit different yardages than a 5H. Ever try to hit a knockdown 5H?
  4. The loft & ease of use make the 5H a very versatile club for multiple situations & yardages. A 5-iron is more of a precision club. So...ease of use vs. greater control. Might as well use both.
  5. Just be sure to wear them when golfing in cooler temps & not when you could sweat a lot. Should be okay unless you're spending much of your round in woods, creeks, penalty areas, etc.
  6. Golf is morphing into "Driver, wedge, putter" Pros are almost there
  7. Cashmere is the best: Lightweight, warm, breathes. The original "performance fabric" It's ideal for golf & looks good anywhere.
  8. Invest in a cashmere sweater
  9. FootJoy is crafty. They sorely want us to become conditioned to the $200 price point. $100 shoes don't create large enough profits & $300 shoes are only appealing to a small segment of the overall market.
  10. Agreed. Also, pleated pants should be worn on the waist & not below it. They drape nicely when worn on the waist. They billow & look bad when worn below the waist.
  11. Driver, Hybrid, 5, 7, PW, LW, Putter (7 total)...Carry OR ride Gaps between clubs shrink as we get older & our swings slow down so fewer clubs are necessary (EX: 7 & 8 go about the same distance). I semi-jokingly say that I have 3 clubs that hit the ball 130 yards.
  12. John, 30 years ago I had bladder cancer. It was caught early (Stage 1) and the urologist told me to quit smoking. I quit for 10 years but started again & had a recurrence. Fortunately it was Stage 1 again. I haven't smoked for the last 20 years and have been cancer-free. Quit smoking, listen to your doctor and do the exams as often as they say to do. The exam (cystoscopy) is no day at the beach but hearing you're okay after it is a great feeling. During one exam a nurse told me I shouldn't drink beer after the exams. The urologist corrected her
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