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  1. Cashmere prices can fluctuate a lot from year to year. Maybe because of how much product is available?
  2. Any trail running shoe. Similar to golf shoes by function.
  3. This I agree with. US golf announcers seem frightened of silence. They feel compelled to fill the air with words as much as possible. Euro announcers come across as relaxed and without a sense of urgency to rush in with comments even when nothing needs to be said.
  4. Rabbit "I told you I don't eat rodents" ..Woody Allen's character to his cook in one of his movies
  5. Time travel to the 1975 Ryder Cup & leisurely stroll the grounds with the small gallery. I was there in 1975 & walked along side Tom Weiskopf as he watched other players play their matches. He seemed like a giant to me
  6. FJ Stratos has good heel (& good overall) cushioning. I've had heel pain with other shoes but not these.
  7. Style of shoe can be a consideration. I was told by a salesman that a "blucher" style of shoe would be best for my foot shape (thick, high & wide ).
  8. New Balance. Biggest selection of wide & extra wide shoe sizes than anyone else. FootJoy extra wide shoes are really wide & roomy. I'm a fan of the their Stratos shoe. It's $200 but seems to be worth it.
  9. FJ Stratos: They strike a nice balance between comfort & stability More like a traditional shoe than an athletic one (i.e.: soft) Not very stylish but not too ugly either
  10. I aspire to average. Some day.
  11. The US Open & the British Open have more history than the Masters. The PGA, back in the day (1960's & 70's for me), was considered the most prestigious major among the competing Tour pros in identifying the best pro.
  12. Dave Marr is missed. This was an exchange he had when filming a golf video while playing with a friend. Marr holed a bunker shot & his friend said nothing. Marr: "You have nothing to say about that shot?" Friend: "No, you're a major champion. I expect you to make it." Marr: "I carry the trophy in my bag so that I can take it out & look at it."
  13. Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Orthotics This is my go to insole for any shoes. FYI...I gave the insoles that came with the shoes another try & I like them more now (They make the shoe roomier than they are with the Dr. Scholl insoles).
  14. My play in rain rule: If it's bad enough that rain pants would be welcome then I'm not playing.
  15. He should have matched the tape on his fingers with his outfit of the day. Missed opportunity.
  16. Those collars were annoying on a windy day.
  17. 1. Johnny Miller shot a 63? Who knew? 2. Diapers<Joggers<Trousers
  18. Senior flex = Trying for max distance Regular flex = Using hybrid for a specific yardage range
  19. My PXG/FedEx orders always arrive the day before the scheduled delivery date.
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