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  1. Flexibility, and maybe more impressive, is doing this in leather soled shoes without slipping and falling.
  2. The old equipment necessitated different play/teaching. Past: Learn to hit it straight then add distance Today: Hot it as far as possible then dial in accuracy
  3. She has a competitive side. I watched her in a Golf Channel video where she celebrates defeating her grandson in putt-putt golf. Her grandson looked to be about 4 years old.
  4. Might try that Ever play a course where most approach shots are 6-iron or longer? Not fun.
  5. She's underrated as an announcer. I always liked her advice for anyone choosing which tees to play from: Play the tees where the majority of approaches are 7-iron or less.
  6. Agreed. Just look at the businesses buying commercial time on the Golf Channel. NBC should be well aware of the viewers of GC.
  7. Hopefully he doesn't get the same kind of response Lucas Glover got from his wife for not winning.
  8. Still using my 30 year old 12C. I worked with a guy who said he wore out 3 12C's. He was a VP of Finance.
  9. FJ Stratos shoes. I have feet like yours & the Stratos are great. Supportive & nicely cushioned. Bonus: Lots of room for any insert. Asics were narrow & not as supportive as the Stratos.
  10. Back to basics...Driver, Hybrid, Iron, Wedge, Putter (5 total) Get really good with these & you'll be tough to beat. "An amateur works until they get it right. A professional works until they can't do it wrong." ---Julie Andrews said she was told this by her first voice coach
  11. 3W is unnecessary for most. Today, drivers are so forgiving & 5W's go far enough that the 3W has been relegated to some sort of super specialty club. Better to have a club that will see more use.
  12. Mac O'Grady, Don Pooley, Bobby Watkins. 3 players in the group I was the standard bearer for at the 1989 US Open. O'Grady & Pooley were great. Watkins not so much. Mac & Don made a point of introducing themselves to me & the walking scorer on the first tee. Watkins never said a word to us. I guess he was too important to do that.
  13. I'm like you. I'm walking 9 holes & doing it with 5 clubs... Driver, hybrid, 9i, LW, putter Mark Twain: Great writer, lousy golfer
  14. Cashmere prices can fluctuate a lot from year to year. Maybe because of how much product is available?
  15. Any trail running shoe. Similar to golf shoes by function.
  16. This I agree with. US golf announcers seem frightened of silence. They feel compelled to fill the air with words as much as possible. Euro announcers come across as relaxed and without a sense of urgency to rush in with comments even when nothing needs to be said.
  17. Rabbit "I told you I don't eat rodents" ..Woody Allen's character to his cook in one of his movies
  18. Time travel to the 1975 Ryder Cup & leisurely stroll the grounds with the small gallery. I was there in 1975 & walked along side Tom Weiskopf as he watched other players play their matches. He seemed like a giant to me
  19. FJ Stratos has good heel (& good overall) cushioning. I've had heel pain with other shoes but not these.
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