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  1. Mp64. Do it. Or the mp20mmc if you want new but mp64 will be closer. Just listing newer comps in the mizuno line. The grinds are a little different. I still have mp64 in the bag. Second set.
  2. Haha gotta love a good mid round sale. Shows how much you love the club
  3. Looking for a driver length kiyoshi black 6 05 or 7 05. please PM with what you’ve got
  4. ^^^ that post was brought to you compliments of coors light
  5. Scrapper sold let’s get these others pushed out I know someone wants these bad boys.
  6. Looking to offload some covers. All are new out of bag. No scuffs, no stains, no snags, no loose threads. Mint. ## trade interests - mint del mar - mint sim2 or tsi4 (could be head only) - mint x or tx driver shafts ## The covers 2018 El Mariachi (green) -$200 2017 Masked Scrapper (red) - $SOLD 2016 Lucia Bulldog (white) -$200 Not sure on prices. If I’m off, make me an offer. Prefer to sell all together for a bundle deal. Prices include Usps priority shipping. I’ve been buying and selling on here for quite awhile and had perfect fe
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