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  1. I can vouch for this being an awesome putter. Cool to see it got sent into the shop.
  2. Nope. @goshoxgo obviously needs the funds more than me. Good luck buddy.
  3. Yeah I just read that thread and this is a different situation. I’ve waited almost ten days at this point since my package arrived at his provided address (according to Usps tracking) and he only communicated when prompted by a mod…I was trying to give him the benefit of a doubt and waited about a week to open this thread. But enough is enough. I understand being busy, but I do not understand owing someone a refund and waiting forever with no communication (that’s the big part) whatsoever. Communication is key to this whole BST thing
  4. I bought a Scotty cover from @goshoxgo earlier this month. Described in ad as excellent. Described over pm as great shape and Velcro as “average”. Showed up at my house beat to s***. Velcro was worst I’ve ever seen. Needless to say I asked for a refund. I even offered to pay return shipping (after all, I could have asked for better pictures so I’ll own that…). He agreed to this arrangement. I shipped it to him Usps priority. Tracking says it was delivered last Saturday (dec 11). He communicated all the way up until the day of delivery then proceeds to ghost me. PM’d a moderator about it @Buzzkill who pulled him into the pm. He responds immediately when the mod steps in. Makes some lame excuse about traveling and says he would get “his staff” to check if it showed up (he asked me to ship it to his office). Dude is radio silent. @goshoxgo what is going on man?? I’ve done dozens and dozens of deals on BST here and never had someone be this hard to deal with.
  5. This is actually a good deal if a CS is what you’re looking for…given that these go for about this anyway before sending it in for the work.
  6. I second that. Bought another 009 from him and it showed up better than described and better than depicted. Good dude.
  7. Somebody buy this mans 00niner. Good dude to deal with right here.
  8. Took playing tot hill a few times for me to enjoy but it’s one of my favorites. If you aren’t in control of your game out there you’re going to shoot a million that’s for sure.
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