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  1. So I ordered these blades. I couldn’t stand the hosel transition on my Apex Pros and went in for a fit in the MiM Tours. After several shots the fitter pulled this out of the cart and handed it to me. Straighter (less draw) flights, tighter proximity to the hole, sold. So excited to get my hands on these.
  2. If they have a decent slant or plumbers neck mallet I’ll buy one, but I’m a putter ho so that doesn’t mean much.
  3. My fitter told me i500 and iBlade replacements coming in the fall. He didn’t mention the i210.
  4. This 3 wood is amazing for me as well, my only concern is it might actually be too long.
  5. 1) Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 4-G, 4-P have Tour Issue X100, +.5”, Midsize grips. Very good condition. There is a gouge in the leading edge of the 7i, doesn’t impact playability. The GW has S300 I think, never used it but it was used by the previous owner. $375 2) G400 Max - 45.5”, Aldila Xtorsion Copper 70TX, No Headcover. Small chip on the toe that has been touched up, not noticeable at address. No HC. Please note it has a LH adapter but is a RH club. $250 3) Nike Origin B2-07 Slant Neck putter. 34”, Rare putter, never released to retail, no serial on this one. Winn Ove
  6. 1. Buford, GA 2. 3 3. Taylormade Sim 4. I’ve had a number of Tour Edge fairway woods and loved them, E8 beta was my favorite. I would love to test one of their drivers and the tech behind this one is exciting. 5. Yes 6. Yes
  7. Same, I game these with X7’s and they are the best irons out there imo.
  8. Seems like whatever it was he figured it out today.
  9. I agree on the topline being a tad thicker, but the shape and blade length are very similar.
  10. For me the Staff Blade was moving a touch more left than the Tour 100. Could have just been my swing that day.
  11. For anyone coming out of the V6 the CB appeared identical at address to me. The Srixons have traditionally been longer heel to toe, lower spinning, and stronger lofted. I hit both, the ZX7 looks better than the 765 or 785 but to my eye not as good as the CB.
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