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  1. I did a full fit with the G425 range today including the fairway. The 425 Max Fairway was amazing, initially tested with Rogue white and just didn't like the feel, couldn't find the head, really disappointed. Swapped in the Tensei Orange 75 and the feel was better, ball speed jumped from 154 to 166(a few mph above my expectations and 7mph over what I remember seeing from the G410) and spin was still just over 3k. Didn't even hit the LST fairway, the Max was perfect. On the driver I was testing G425 Max against my TSi3. I like a heavy head, play D6 sw in my driver, so the weight was
  2. I think he was after hitting them some during the live test, but on their live Q&A ahead of testing he said he was disappointed with the amount of offset.
  3. I got to see the Apex pro in person today, beautiful. After TXG initially said there was too much offset and Crossfield said there was very little I didn't know what to expect. As an FG Tour V6 player I was very pleased. Low offset and narrow sole, looks amazing in person. I did not get to hit it so I haven't pulled the trigger on an order yet. Need to compare to the Staff CB
  4. I wish they would bring back the Metal X Milled line. Probably my favorite putter line of all time and would love a 7s in that.
  5. Blowing out some putters and some heads I don’t use. All pricing includes shipping and PP to the lower 48. No trades. All are OBO! 1) Scotty Cameron Newport 3 (2018) 34”. This is the Circle H model meaning ordered heavier from Titleist. I ordered it from the PGA Superstore in Roswell GA. Currently has a Lamkin grip but will include the Matador. HC included as well. Great condition, pics tell the story. Sold 2) Nike B2-01 Counter Core. Very Rare. Currently has a standard shaft at 34” and Lamkin jumbo grip because I just wanted the heavier head, but the counter core shaft
  6. Based on the rounded sole design of the Wilson’s I would not expect any digging. I have my V6’s 1* strong and it wasn’t noticeable. Best sole design out there IMO and probably the main reason I switched to the v4 Several years back.
  7. I get tolerances, but if you don’t mean all don’t say “every head” in your marketing. And yes they said every head. Also, the SiM is great but the M5 was slow.
  8. I like this, I always hated seeing the ports in the face. Mental thing.
  9. I mean their marketing states all heads are made above the CT limit and then injected with foam to bring the club back to the limit, but the sticker says not all clubs require speed injection meaning they were not above the limit to begin with which contradicts the marketing. SiM is an awesome driver, but we’ve all seen enough reviews to know it’s no faster than anything else.
  10. Speed injection is not special either. Look at the recent TXG comparison with TSi3, all 4 drivers had similar ball speed. The little sticker even says some clubs do not require foam, meaning they are at or below max ct from the beginning, which goes directly against TM marketing.
  11. I’ve got two of these, this one and the Versa. Best roll of any putter I’ve used IMO. GLWS!
  12. I hit the TSi3 driver today and was really impressed by the ball speed retention specifically high in the face. Launch and spin were great as well. Next step is taking my gamer Mavrik in to go head to head on this.
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