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  1. I have this in the 60 6.5 TX in my Sim2 and it's a monster combo.
  2. Hey guys, full ad today. Only trades would be a Ping Vault 2.0 ZB2 in copper or a Rad Speed 9.0 in Peacoat, X stiff. All prices include shipping from Atlanta. 1) Toulon SFO - Gamer condition, 34”, these are pretty rare. HC included $325 2) Evnroll ER 8.2 - Good condition, some finish wear but I couldn’t feel any dings. No HC but will include one to protect it. $225 3) Wilson Staff “The L” - 34”, excellent condition. Fantastic mallet for strong arc putting strokes. HC Included - $75 4) Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 7s - 34”, Headcover included, current
  3. I saw this on eBay when I was looking for a Yes! Mollie and was very tempted. Scummy ebay buyers, had one ghost me and you can’t even leave negative feedback anymore… selling on there just isn’t worth it anymore.
  4. That’s a gorgeous putter, hate that there isn’t a retail SFO. GLWS!
  5. Disappointed that none of the higher end 3d printed models come with a slant neck option.
  6. I would go SM8 for grinds and consistency. 2nd swing did a wet wedge test and imo misinterpreted their own data to crown the Cleveland's, but to me the vokeys take it. BTW is have Glide 3.0's in my bag.
  7. Yeah the sound isn't perfect, with my other putters being Cameron, Evnroll, etc it takes getting used to.
  8. Lol looks like I’m late to this thread but IMO you made a great decision.
  9. I bought and returned one of these. Horrible feel IMO and very little toe hang regardless of the neck.
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