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  1. First big snow in Michigan so its time to sell off all my old stuff to finance some new clubs. Let me know if I am off with any of my prices! Epic Sub Zero Driver. Its 10.5 and has a HZRDUS Black 6.5 62 gram shaft. Some scuffs on the face, but other than that its in great shape. $~~200~~ $150 Callaway XR 16 Pro. It is 9 degrees and has a 75 gram HZRDUS black shaft. ~~$150 ~~100 PXG 0311X Driving 2 Iron, has a handcrafted HZRDUS Black 6.5 shaft 105 grams. $~~300~~ $250 Taylormade Spider Tour Black 35 inches with a Superstroke Flatso 1.0~~~~ $150~~ $125~~ SOLD Bettinardi
  2. Couple of items for sale, no trades please. Shot Scope V2 GPS watch. Great shape, only used a few times. All of the tags included. $200 $150 Swing Caddy SC-200 Launch Monitor. Barely used. $300 $250
  3. Two items for sale, not really interested in any trades but could be interested in 3 woods with low spin extra stiff shafts Long Neck Putters Rouge Sub Zero Head First we have a Scotty Cameron JAT Prototype 34", in great shape bought it from another WRX'er and only used it for a couple rounds. Has some lead tape on the sole that can be removed, and comes with a Black and Red Super Stroke flatso 1.0. $400 Next I have a EVNROLL ER2 35" with a Black/White Flatso 1.0. Bought from another WRX'er and used a couple of rounds. Great shape, $SOLD
  4. First up I have a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Pro Platinum. It has been refinshed, but I am not sure who did the work. Face has what looks to be a torch mark, doesn't effect play at all. Bought it from another WRX'er. 35" with a white scotty cameron pistolero grip. $200 Next I have a Spider Tour Red. 35" with a Superstroke Flatso 1.0. Has a slight mark on the toe that isn't noticeable from address. SOLD
  5. Couple of items for sale. Only trades I would look into are anser style putters (preferably a black vault 2.0), or an epic rouge three wood with a x shaft. First up is a Bettinardi Studio Stock #12. I am the only owner, bought it a couple of years ago and used it for half a season. Could never get used to the center shaft. My dad extended it to 37" to create a counterbalance build. Putter has a pistol GT 2.0 Counterbalance superstroke. Other than that I think the pictures speak for themselves. $200 $180 Next is a 35" Spider Tour Red putter with a super stroke flatso 1.0. Putt
  6. Has anyone tried both of these shafts and been able to compare them? I have a HZRDUS 105x hybrid shaft in a PXG 0311X 2 iron driving iron and really like it, but sometimes it comes out a little low. When I hit it well, it goes a great flight and is a perfect driving iron. The problem comes when I mishit it I hit a low bullet hook usually that can get in my head a little. I have x100s in my irons, and really like them. I have been somewhat thinking about throwing an x100 in my driving iron to add some consistency, and wanted to know if anyone had tried this before or had any insight. Thanks i
  7. I have a couple of clubs for sale here, I don't really need anything specific in trades but I am a degenerate so send over any offers you may have. Let me know if you need any more pictures and sorry in advance for the poor pictures. I have three unopened 24 packs of K-Sigs. I see these going for as high as $90 a pack, but will throw them on here for Sold. Next I have a Ping G 2 iron hybrid with a Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 85 gram shaft. Head is in great shape and the shaft is awesome. Sold Callaway Epic 5 wood with a Rouge Max 85 gram shaft. Face has some scratches but the top
  8. http://www.golfwrx.com/465094/jordan-smith-witb-2017/ Couldn't get the post to load. Here is the link to the pictures.
  9. I saw these pictures in Jordan Smith's WITB. I love my Spider Tour but struggle aiming sometimes without the topline and really like the look of this setup. I currently have car pin striping on my putter, but I know that it is illegal and want a more permanent setup. Does anyone know where I can have this done? I would especially like to have the line machined so there is a little indent where the line is like Jordan's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Yes the hybrid is still available. Does the Queen Bee have a head cover? Yes it does.
  11. Shaft has been sold, head is still available. Waiting on a message for the head. Will update once it sells.
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