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  1. Single item for sale, no trades please TM Jetspeed 14* fairway - Tour Issue - Full scoring lines deeper faced model - HZRDUS Smoke 70x shaft tipped 1” - plays at 43” - condition is great everywhere except for the dreaded sandy ball mark high on the face/crown. Barely noticeable from address but it’s there. Priced accordingly. Extremely long off the tee No HC but I still have the spec sticker. 14* with 2.25* open FA $85 shipped Thanks for looking!
  2. Dropping to $150 and hoping to send it off tomorrow, will be leaving town for the weekend and closing this down tomorrow afternoon
  3. The clean out continues, no trades please Tour AD-GP 7X Black Edition - Straight from callaway, plays stock length 45.5” - Untipped, excellent condition Not much else to say it’s a tip stiff beast. I’ve got another 7X in my cobra. $160 shipped $150 firm closing the ad tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks for posting! Crazy good deal
  5. Single item for sale no trades please Callaway XHot 4 wood - Tour AD GP black edition 7x - Plays 42.5” - raw shaft is 41.5” - Not certain of tipping, I picked up the shaft off BST in a Taylormade fairway so I assume standard 1” - Head has been well gamed no dents or major imperfections besides paint wear shown in photos. Stock HC included Price is pretty much for shaft alone, get the head for free $100 shipped Thanks for looking!
  6. Two items for sale no trades please! Would love to sell them tonight and ship out tomorrow Tensei Pro Orange 70TX - 44” long plays right at 45” in cobra head -Untipped, no extensions, excellent shape $140 SOLD shipped Odyssey Tank #7 putter - 34” length - The beloved white hot pro insert is a classic - Rosemark 1.52 grip - Very good condition, includes HC $100 shipped Any questions or more photos feel free to ask, thanks for looking!
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