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  1. Full set of Mizunos irons for sale today - picked these up locally but after a few rounds sticking with my Srixons. No trades 919 Hot Metals 4-GW S18 54/58 wedges -All have Modus 105X shafts -All irons and wedges have been extended 1”. Was told lie is 1* flat and can’t confirm but it seems correct -CP2 Pro Jumbo grips Good condition, moderate club chatter and some browning on 8-iron. Likely got most of the range time. Pics of S18 faces at the end Looking to get $680..... $650.....NOW $630 shipped for the whole shabang. Feel free to make a
  2. Parting ways with another AD-BB. Tinkerers gonna tinker. Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 7s -Measures 41.5”, should play around 43” in most 3 woods -Great condition, almost new midsize Tour Wrap grip -Standard 1” tipping $95 shipped in the US. No trades please Thanks for looking!
  3. Single 3 wood shaft for sale today Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 7x -Cobra adapter -Excellent condition -Measures just under 42” -Not 100% certain but believe tipped standard 1 inch $95 shipped.
  4. Looking for a code as well, if anyone’s got an extra PM me!
  5. Shaft is untipped and measures just over 43.5”. Any questions feel free to ask! $130.....now $120 shipped in the US Note that I will be shipping on Tuesday. Won’t have the opportunity until then.
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