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  1. So, spin could potentially decrease going with the 9 and increasing the loft. Good to know.
  2. Currently shopping for a new driver. In a TM M6 10.5 that is turned down -.75 normally, sometimes -1.5. Since I'm lowering the loft, would it be better to go with a 9.0? I'm looking for a little more draw bias and thought this would close it a little since the loft will increase (most likely only .75, which closes the face 1.5) Or, am I over thinking too little of a difference?
  3. Playing Project X Catalyst 100cw 6.0 in Apex Pros and love feel. Similar response as the 6.0 steel with much lighter weight.
  4. I'd say thank you and go elsewhere if a fitter ever told me "no" when I asked to hit something.
  5. I haven't found them any different to remove than other rubber grips. The tool helps.
  6. Cobra King Utility Iron (2-3.) One range session, one round (2-3 swings) and goodbye. Horrible shaft, setup and feel.
  7. I had some RSi2 irons that did the same thing. Just pulled and re-epoxied them and never had another issue.
  8. I was KBS Tour 120 Stiff in irons, recently switch irons and went with Project X Catalyst 6.0 100 Stiff. Wedges are Nippon Modus 125 in Stiff. Love the weight and feedback.
  9. Hard to say without a pic. Click the image icon in a post to add an inline image, the paper clip for an attachment.
  10. Go to Walmart and get a can of Kiwi Camp Dry. I use it on all my bags, reapplying every 6 months. Keeps things inside nice and dry and it does not change the colors or make the colors bleed. You can also apply to your umbrellas.
  11. Powerbeats Pro. The hook over the ear keeps them in place through any activity (including bucket after bucket at the range.) Great sound and comfortable. Oh, I wear them all day at work 8+ hours and the charge lasts that long.
  12. 8.4 currently Callaway Apex Pro '19 4-PW Catalyst 100 6.0 shafts
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