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  1. Believe me I understand the backlog of shipments on a lot of things, as I work in a manufacturing company that has been hamstrung quite a bit. they quote on their site that custom shipments are 10-14 days. If they said custom shipments are 6-10 weeks I'd be less likely to say it's extra long than when I'm much beyond the 10-14 days. Hence why I posted to see others experiences here.
  2. That's what I'm afraid of and the guys I ordered from have been super unhelpful other than saying "oh yeah things are backed up due to COVID" yeah I know but at least tell me a response from cobra saying yes we have it and it will be another xxx days
  3. The fitter has told me they would reach out but then I don't hear anything. Was just trying to get a sanity check, but it seems that it's fairly normal across the industry. thanks!
  4. Has anyone ordered custom cobras recently and had it take extra long? I ordered a set of Forged Tecs through my local fitter May 18th , on their website they say 10-14 days but we're at something like 23 working days since the order should have went in. I have contacted the fitter and they haven't been able to tell me anything, cobra says they can't look up my order since it was through the fitter. Just wanted to see if it's fairly normal for them with the quarantine and what not.
  5. this was posted on r/golf the other day and seemed pretty cool:http://www.sterling.edu/golf/weight-training-program
  6. Hey everyone, Names Shawn, pretty much brand new at golfing. I had always went to the driving range a few times a summer here and there but last year got talked into going to the company tournament and even though I was terrible I had a great time, and decided I wanted to try and get better, I spend some more time at the pitch and putt but it was already the end of the season pretty much when I made my decision so this will be my first real season of learning. My brother's been getting into the game as well so hes tossed me a few clubs and I got a really good deal on some TM RBZ irons that I s
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