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  1. Post a picture. Is the stamp on the sole? If you have a tei with no stamp, you have gold.
  2. Apollo bought clubcorp for a premium a year ago or so.. Once that was official, Apollo was actively shopping the “dogs” faculties. Although some sold won’t neccesarily be dogs. Surprised at the sale of Hamilton mill for sure. I know the entire network is being restructured this year into teirs 1-4. Each tier will restructure budgets, membership does, etc. i know they are still dropping major capital improvements into our facility, and heard they’re not quite sure what to do with some others. I usually learn more at board meetings coming up soon.
  3. Good luck! I’ve been trying with moderate effort for 2 years now. Been close a few times, logistics haven’t worked out.
  4. River forest is an awesome golf course! I’ve played it twice, and each time I thoroughly enjoyed my round... especially considering I drove 1.5-2 hours to get there. Bent greens were excellent. Firm and super quick. Rest of the course was in good shape as well. Course overall is kind of like the six flags of golf without being goofy. Really fun and different holes to play. I have a customer that just built a home in there as well. Not sure how active the club is in general though. Pretty sure it’s one of the bigger club Corp tracks down there in Macon/Forsyth area.
  5. SC Tei3 NP2 for sale - 9/10 condition - refinished by BOS. Original shaft, shaft band, and cord Titleist grip. Comes with original headcover. $375 OBO shipped CONUS PM ME WITH QUESTIONS OR OFFERS
  6. ‘95 SCOTT Cameron handmade putter. These were usually tour issued in the early 90’s and handmade by Scotty himself. Super rare. 9.5/10 condition, comes with basic headcover. $4,750 shipped & insured to CONUS
  7. I have a few Scotty’s that are mint for sale if interested. ’98 Tei3 Newport 2 (9/10 condition) pro plat custom Newport MS (9/10 condition) pro plat Newport MS (9/10 condition)
  8. where exactly are you in Roswell? East- west? how important is the social life? Swim teams, etc GCoGA does not have poolansley pool is in midtown (pretty sure) - might be a haul why don’t you just join horseshoe? It’s all on property and in Roswell.
  9. Add: Tei3 - NO STAMP pro plat first run 1999/500 Masters editions /500 ANY circle T - GSS - Etc Major champion prototypes (a few various floating around) Cameron & Co Sterling & Stainless limited runs Xperimental prototypes David Duvall tiger woods am davis love III im tired, all I can think of today now. There’s definitely more..
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