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  1. Desert Willow (firecliff is better than willow, but both good) classic club silverrock pga west (any of them)
  2. There’s so much talk in here about different shafts, but how do you demo all these? I’ve been fitted for irons at club champion but don’t feel like spending $150 to test different driver shafts. I bought a used Ts3 driver and wanted to try some good shafts. Can I just bring it in to pga superstore or roger Dunn and try different shafts?
  3. I know this may be a dumb question, but humor me. I was fitted for my irons about 1.25 years ago, I chose Project X 6.0 because they were the best performing for me. I hit 7 iron about 175. Now I just picked up a used Titleist Ts3 driver and trying to actually get a decent shaft for it. I know, go get fitted etc. But is there any way to get an idea of what shaft I may like based on my PX 6.0 iron shafts? Was considering Ventus Black as I’ve heard so many rave about it. Thanks.
  4. For sale a Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero driver in 9 degrees loft, good condition. Plays 1/2 inch short of standard. Asking SOLD (shipping and PP fees included). Feel free to ask questions.
  5. Awesome video Monte. Easily your best IMO.
  6. I’ve had mine for a few weeks and love them. 4-8 785 and z forged 9 and PW
  7. I find it works better if you search in google. Try George Gankas GolfWRX
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up ordering a f9 last night. Couldn’t pass up the deal cobra has on them right now.
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