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  1. Monday was 6 weeks for my order, still no sign of tracking or anything. Ordered 921 (Hot Metal 5-7/Hot Metal Pro 8-Gw) with Project X Lz 6.0 black and Golf Pride Z Grip align grips. really hoping they come in ASAP as it’s my sons order and they just started practicing for this upcoming high school season. On top of that, I’m looking at placing an order for the same in a diff shaft and want to see them in person before ordering
  2. The 3D printing seems like a very cool idea and I’m sure a lot of thought and research went into these. Are there any plans for more Flowneck style putters? Those fit MY style and it seems like most putter makers stay away from those except in mallet form. Congrats on the great lineup of products this year.
  3. I really wish these were the 6.0 or 6.5 and they would be gone already.
  4. Thanks guys. And yeah Evo the Cobra face milling is really cool and the infinity face helps too (had 1-2) I should have put dummy marks with and it saved me. Meant to post the top pics to show Good vs Evil Hulk…
  5. Another back yard session tonight…need some time off to go to the course Just wanted to post some pics for Snaggy and his ocd , don’t worry my routine is 5 balls, wipe clean and move to the next club.
  6. My cut was coming mostly from a heel side of center strike, other then that it really wanted to go straight. I tried my little draw experiment with it and although it did work it wasn’t near what the cobra was. Which honestly is fine. You guys have to remember too, both drivers are almost set up opposite (at least from factory), the Pxg has heavy weight forward and light in other spots while the Cobra has heavy stationary weight back. But both are very forgiving!
  7. So had my first RANGE shootout last night. Cobra Radspeed XB 10.5d with Hzrdus Smoke Greens 60s (45.75”) vs PXG GEN4 0811x 10.5 with Hzrdus Smoke Green 60s (45”) and also hit a few at the end with Diamana Limited 60s stock shaft (45.5”). Score system 1 best, 2 second, etc. Feel/Sound: This is an unusual one for me, as the PXG feel/sound is just so good, but the Cobra also has that “spot” where when you get it everyone knows you’ve got it and feel/sound is close to PXG. Score Pxg 1, Cobra 1.5 Forgiveness: Pxg for me just wants to go straight or I can play a slight cut, hard for it to
  8. Good evening everyone, just one item today up for grabs. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping to the continental U.S., please add $10 more for shipping west of the Mississippi. 1. Odyssey TEN stroke lab 33” putter with Microhinge insert. It has a Superstroke Tour 3.0 grip. This is my 14 yr old sons putter, he bought it used over the winter and has used it sparingly this spring so far. It’s in nice shape with a little wear to the black paint on the bottom of the club (back weight areas), a little around face area too. Pics should show all the wear. He’s wanting to get a new putter
  9. I gamed my Cobra Radspeed XB with Smoke Green shaft. It wasn’t the problem I was today . The triple was a result of me hitting a dead pull (straight shot) that just went to far and OB (maybe, we couldn’t find it). Then my next drive I pulled again (got quick) and it went left again and ended up behind a large tree and had a very tiny hole to advance and hurt my chances on that hole. Next hole, chunked a wedge shot, then next one checked a lot quicker then it should have. Last double came on a 190 yd pop up because I was trying to swing hard and drive (or get close on a 314 yd downwind ho
  10. So little update…just finished my tourney I mentioned earlier in the week. Played mostly good but with 4 holes to play went +3, +2, +2, Par…to shoot myself out of placing by 1 stroke . But the best news I heard when I finished, my 14 yr old son shot his best round 80 (+8) and finished 3rd beating me by 3 . But couldn’t be more proud especially since he battled back from a 90 on day 1. now up next, Gen4 driver battle vs my gamer….before another tourney the last weekend of the month.
  11. Thanks! First tourney since 2019 so excited for it. Plus my 14 yr old son is playing too so hoping he gets some good experience before he starts his high school season next month and also does well.
  12. I actually hit 5 or 6 balls then wiped it clean (top pic) then hit another 5-6 and did the same. I’m super ocd about my clubs…they get cleaned EVERY single time I play or practice.
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