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  1. get the C130 cart/stand bag...cart bag with legs.
  2. While you're there grab an extra Proto 3 wood & send it my way. Just tell them I wanna demo it for a few years , you know to make sure it matches my driver
  3. Let me throw another case in here. I posted earlier in this thread....shipped a shaft on Nov. 25, 2020....a month later I filed a lost package claim because it still hadn't moved....roughly 2 weeks later it gets delivered DAMAGED, so quickly change from lost claim to damage claim (Jan. 19) and its still sitting in limbo as far as whether I'm getting my money back or not (already refunded the buyer when I filed claim). So as it stands I've been 3 months today dealing with this ordeal and currently $220 out of pocket too!
  4. Prayers for Woods and a good speedy recovery. Not one to pass judgment, thats not my job. Just wish him & his family the best.
  5. Ask Pxg to tell you head size in cc’s...we need that not the head weight.
  6. There’s just a few holes at home course where I can’t hit driver otherwise fly over greens and have a bad downhill shot to small green that you can’t hold and of course just some versatility off tee when need it.
  7. Hey Osprey, not sure if I’ve asked you this before...you have another 3 wood to sit next to the Proto to get a size comparison? I’m looking for a 3 wood mostly for off the tee, but don’t want a small head.
  8. Yeah I am pretty sure heavier vs lighter for me is gonna be better. I have a 5, 7.5, 17.5 and 20 coming to tinker with.
  9. My head weighs 198g with stock weights and no adapter, hoping the extra 5g gets me where I need it.
  10. I have both coming Tuesday, so can report back next week. I’m playing 45” Ventus Blue 6s
  11. Just noticed your rolling a Machine...what model? I’ve had several over the years and still have 2 M10’s.
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