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  1. Switched from Lz 6.0 (120g) and Elevate Tour X (122g) in my last 2 sets to a set of Recoil 110 F5’s (110g) and absolutely love them. I do wish they were in the 115-120g range as they are just a tad light. But I’ve been able to make it work just fine. Really wanting to try the Mmt in the 125 range for that additional weight.
  2. Good afternoon everyone, just one item today. Price includes PayPal fed and shipping to midwest and east (west of Mississippi add $10) 1. Taylormade RSI TP UDI 3 driving iron. I just picked this up because I was wanting a driving iron to play with but came across a 2 iron a few days after getting this one and it fits my gaps better so keeping that one. This one was sold to me as standard length, loft and lie with a S400 soft stepped shaft. It has a new Lamkin Standard+ Cord players grip. Only issue with club is ferrule is loose, but that’s it. Club is in great shape. Looking to get $110 shipped.
  3. Yup Adler is a great dude. Done several deals with him over the years and ALWAYS has the BEST collection of putters and covers! LUCKY!
  4. Good afternoon everyone. End of season clear out and not hurting for money. All prices include PayPal fees and shipping to the lower 48 states. Not looking for trades at this time. preview: 1. Srixon Z565 irons with Recoil 110 shafts (5-Aw) 2. Pxg 0211 (original) irons with Elevate Tour shafts (5-Gw) 3. Mannkrafted Ma55 putter 4. Odyssey Strokelab Ten putter 5. Cobra Radspeed XB season opener driver head. 1. Srixon Z565 irons. Ok so here’s the deal with these irons. I bought these new (7-Pw), then added a new Z585 Aw because I couldn’t get a Z565 one. Then also found a used 565 6 iron and a new Cleveland UHX 5 iron (more forgiveness. I found me some Recoil 110 F5 (xstiff) shafts and had Will Peoples build them up for me. They are standard length based on a 38” 5 iron and 62’ lie angle with D3 swing weight. Lofts are 5-23, 6-26, 7-30, 8-34, 9-39, Pw-44, Aw-49. Added the new at the time Winn Dri tac oversize grips (like a midsize Golf Pride). I played them this year for approximately 20 rounds of gold and cleaned them after every single round. In very good shape with minimal brush marks on the soles. These irons and shaft combos are silky smooth. Asking $800 $780 $750 shipped 2. Pxg original 0211 irons with True Temper Elevate Tour Xstiff shafts. (5-Gw). I bought these new in July of 2019 and played them for roughly 40 rds from then until the fall of 2020. I had the new golf pride tour velvet align midsize grips installed about 5 rds before I quit playing. These are great irons and the ball really just wants to go straight. Played some of the best golf of my life with these but I’ve since moved on to another set of clubs. The 5, W and G each have a nick/scratch on the sole with the 5 being the worst from hitting stupid rocks underneath some pine needles. Irons are standard Pxg length and Sw with a +1’ lie angle. Asking $600 $575 $550 shipped. 3. Mannkrafted Ma-55 34” putter. I had the awesome Lamont Mann (Mannkrafted) build me this putter earlier this year and played it on and off this season. It’s a carbon head with Stainless flow neck and graphite shaft. Has a stock Mannkrafted midsize pure grip and stock Mannkrafted putter cover (black-not pictured). This is #3 of the Carbon putters he’s designed in this head style. The head weight is at 350g, has a smooth tri sole with beached sound slot and Black oxide finish on it. I also had him install a 3D site dot on the top line. I love this putter and am gonna have another built after I get some things worked out. Asking $640 $620 $600 4. Odyssey Strokelab Ten 33” putter. This is a putter I bought for my 14 yr old son to use this season, but it didn’t fit his stroke as well as we hoped so it’s been sitting in his room most of the year. In good used condition with just paint wear to areas of the head. No cover but will ship well protected. Asking $140 $125 $120 5. Cobra Radspeed XB Season Opener driver head or complete club. I bought this new when it was released in April and played it for 2-3 rounds. The shaft is the Hzrdus Green 60s in Pvd green. It’s an awesome driver, but I fell into another driver by accident. This is all stock with exception of a new Golf Pride NDMC Align grip to match shaft. I do also have the stock Lamkin with Arrcos grip. Stock limited cover included (not pictured). will sell head for $375 $360 $350 or compete club for $540 $525 $515
  5. The Adam’s A tour irons were originally designed for Ernie Els…apparently they were “limited” but eventually got blown out on a few online sites. They’re very good irons (I owned 3 sets at one point). They came with Kbs tour shafts and Iomic grips. Very underrated irons that had a few complaints…one the were very hard to bend and two the copper underlay shown through fairly easy on the faces with a little play. These came out during the Adam’s/Taylormade acquisition.
  6. Still absolutely LOVING mine. A buddy of mine that’s a scratch golfer hit it a few times last week when we played a scramble, now he wants one too. He’s been playing an Taylormade M3 since it came out because he couldn’t find anything to kick it out…we’ll he did now.
  7. They’ve changed the price 1-2x’s since end of August. They were $139/$129 and now $149/$139
  8. It was a company I found on EBay of all places. They did the custom finish and added the site dot.
  9. Odyssey Metal X Mille Versa #9Ht best of them all. Nice soft feel, not clicky at all compared to the Scottys. Here’s my custom one.
  10. ^^^my thoughts exactly
  11. I play the Lz 6.0 in my new mizuno 921 Hot Metals and just took out of the bag a set of Srixon Z565’s with Recoil 110 F5’s. Like others have said the Standard recoils play a little softer to flex, so I went with the F5 (x-stiff) and they are perfect. The only thing I wish is that they were about 7-8 grams heavier (in the 118-119g range). I think so far at least (only 2 rds) that the Recoils are slightly lower launching vs the Lz’s but for me still hit the window I wanted. Spin is on the mid to mid low. And I can 100% say I didn’t have any elbow or wrist soreness any time I finished playing with my set since switching to graphite. I will more then likely switch my Mizunos to graphite if I have any issues with them. I also have tried Steelfiber 110’s didn’t like them felt dead to me, Recoil 95’s felt good but too light, haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the others in the 110+ weight range yet.
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