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  1. I think since you have the silver ones too, you should just send the copper ones to me
  2. Oh no, I hope everything is good with your kid, That’s the most important part! We’ll get pics when we get them. thanks!
  3. Hey @Mattbk did your irons show up? Need to see some pics, you ordered exactly what I was thinking of ordering.
  4. So apparently the info I received was slightly wrong. The Masters = Smoke Green Small Batch (I ordered one yesterday ) The US Open = RDX Black The PGA = RDX Blue The Open = Tensei Orange Raw
  5. Gotcha, I forgot we had spoken earlier in this thread last year. And I think I seen your Grint score from Barren a few weeks ago too. Next time your in the BG/Glasgow area give me a shout...I can always get a few guys together to play.
  6. I seen the Zx4 in person a few weeks ago and those do look really good. If I didn’t already have the UHX I would get those to blend in, but I’ll wait till those go down in price later on.
  7. I actually have a set of Srixon Z565 in 6-Aw (was 7-Aw initially), and I purchased a 5 & 6 UHX to go with the set. They do look slightly different being painted silver vs the chrome finish, but they perform just fine. I did replace the 6 with a Z565 only because I found one cheap and like the look better. But the 5 fits fine and performs perfectly in that spot so no need to change.
  8. The Masters has a Hzrdus Smoke Green small batch shaft. The US Open & PGA have the Rdx Blue The Open has a Tensei Orange Raw
  9. Good Friday afternoon folks. I've got a few back up drivers I need to get rid of. Will keep whichever one doesn't sell first. Not looking for trades unless its something I just have to have. All prices are shipped USPS to the lower 48 states and include Paypal Fees. 1. Callaway Mavrik Subzero 9' driver with Aldila Rogue White 130msi 60 stiff. This is a driver I picked up as a back up and I've only hit it 4-5x max. Its honestly the cleanest "backup" driver I've ever seen. Its all stock, comes with tool and a generic Callaway headcover I took from my son's driver. Asking
  10. So I'm told we'll hear info from Cobra about this driver on Monday....stay tuned!
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